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Title: The Honeymoon Arragenment
Author: [personal profile] still_lycoris
Fandom: X-Men: Days of Future Past
Pairing: Charles Xavier/Hank McCoy
Rating: Teen
Length: 20,127
Summary: Hank Mcoy has bagged the honeymoon trip of a lifetime. The trouble is, after his world imploded two weeks ago, he’s now desperately in need of a husband! Depressed ex-party boy Charles Xavier needs to get out of the country and away from painful family memories – fast. Accepting Hank’s honeymoon arrangement is the perfect escape plan! He might have to pretend to be a loved-up newlywed, but it’s a strictly no-strings agreement. Except one knee-weakening, brain-melting kiss from Hank later Charles’s already struggling to remember what’s fake and what’s real. And that’s before they’ve even started their ‘honeymoon’… !

OR Charles and Hank both have problems they want to get away from so why not get away from them with each other on a fake honeymoon? Only there are some things you can't run away from and some things you can only work through with others ...

Link: Here


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