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Title: Mastered By His Slave
Author: autiotalo
Fandom: TVXQ RPF
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: R
Length: ~7400 words. This is so far from being finished it’s not even funny; these are the first two chapters.
Summary: Rome, 65 AD. Torn between the emperor’s favour and the threat of assassination, Changmin is desperate to escape the cruel, dangerous world of the imperial city. But the greatest challenge the young poet faces is his forbidden desire for the one man who can save him—his fearless bodyguard slave.

A proud horseman brought to Rome in chains, Yunho’s hunger for freedom is almost as strong as his hunger for his beautiful dominus. Yunho’s fierce loyalty to Changmin soon leads him into the Circus Maximus, where he is prepared to sacrifice his life to defend Changmin’s honour...
Notes: Inspired by Mastered By Her Slave by Greta Gilbert.
Link: Mastered By His Slave


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