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Hi all,

Unconventional Courtship is over for another year, but feel free to keep writing Unconventional fics, and posting them in the AO3 collection. The fest will probably run again next year, but at another fairly random time i.e. when I remember. Give me a nudge if it's August 2017 and I haven't done it!

Some quick stats:
* 24 fics were written this year in
* 20 fandoms (including some fics with crossovers) and one original fiction universe
* As usual no fandom dominated, with most being single entries. The most popular was Doctor Who with 3 fics, 2 of which were crossovers
* The most popular days for posting were 13th and the 29th June, with 3 fics each. No fics were posted on 30th June!
* 'The Veiled Bride' by Elizabeth Bailey was the most popular summary this year, inspiring two fics, although 'Virtually Perfect' by Samantha Hunter remains popular with another entry this year! (5 thus far and counting - please do keep using this prompt and the other!)
* There are now 98 works in the Unconventional Courtship AO3 collection

Unconventional Courtship Masterlist 2016 )
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Thanks everyone who contributed to this year's Unconventional Courtship! It will probably run again next year. In the meantime, feel free to post any late fics or new UC fics to this comm or to our AO3 collection.

Here's the 2015 Masterlist )
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Hello all. It's late - but here's a masterlist! Thank you to everyone who participated :) If you didn't manage to finish your fic in the time limit allowed, remember you can always post to the community and the AO3 collection (but please keep adverts for other comms to yourself etc).

Thanks again.

2014 Masterlist )

And check out the [community profile] unconventionalcourtship random prompt generator! It's great fun.
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UNCONVENTIONAL COURTSHIP IS OFFICIALLY OVER! Thank you to everyone who participated! \o/

If you're still planning to participate, please go ahead. The comm and the AO3 collection will remain open indefinitely.

For now, here's the masterlist of stuff produced. Read! Comment! Enjoy!

masterlist by days - for a breakdown by fandom see the AO3 collection )

No firm ideas about whether the fest will run or not next year - but if you are interested in doing this again, same time next year, drop me a line. I'd be interested in find out.


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