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Announcing: the Unconventional Courtship Random Pairing Generator!

We all know it can be a terrible nuisance to spend hours ploughing through Mills and Boon's website, or even the helpfully-collated list of prompts, muttering "What was she thinking?" or "Is he mad or just plain daft?". Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can let your computer take the strain, and have the dream prompt in seconds.

Just click here for prompts into which sophisticated algorithms have automatically substituted the perfect* pairing! Marvel as characters from nine fandoms fall prey to stirring passion and forbidden love!

*: Perfection not guaranteed. Consumption of beverages during prompt generation not recommended. Void() where prohibited by JavaScript.

Do please comment if you've got suggestions for more fandoms, or want to share your favourite generated prompt(s).

Some freshly-minted samples )
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Obviously you can go straight to the official sites for plot summaries to steal-

Mills & Boon

- but if you'd prefer we have hundreds of plot suggestions listed for you here.

If you've played this fest before, you may be interested to know new summaries (i.e. those you haven't seen before) start from about 150 onwards. Apologies if there is any duplication.

A good proportion of these prompts (and some others not featured here!) can also be found in the UC generator, which boasts lots of new features including the ability to customise it with the characters of your choice!

Beneath the cut )


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