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Obviously you can go straight to the official sites for plot summaries to steal-

Mills & Boon

- but if you'd prefer we have hundreds of plot suggestions listed for you here.

If you've played this fest before, you may be interested to know new summaries (i.e. those you haven't seen before) start from about 150 onwards. Apologies if there is any duplication.

A good proportion of these prompts (and some others not featured here!) can also be found in the UC generator, which boasts lots of new features including the ability to customise it with the characters of your choice!

This list compiled by [personal profile] blakefancier, [personal profile] feng_shui_house, [personal profile] aralias and [ profile] liadtbunny. Re-posted here with their permission.



Mills & Boon Modern Romance

She’s innocent – he wants her!

Eve Robertson’s life might be quiet, and lived in a secluded village, but that’s essential if she’s to put her turbulent past behind her. However, her new-found stability is threatened with the arrival of Jake Romero...

Jake is tall, dark and...dangerous – and he wants virginal Eve. His touch leaves her aching for more, but she knows she’d be playing with fire. And there are just some things that she can’t tell him without opening a can of worms.

But how long can she resist Jake’s brand of searing, exotic seduction...?

2)The Boss’s Virgin – Charlotte Lamb
He is unforgettable, but her ex-boss Randal Harding does not fit into Pippa’s neatly planned life. She refused to get involved with him, and yet no other man has ever matched up to him. And now he’s determined to prove that Pippa wants him, too!

3)The Corporate Wife – Leigh Michaels
Her boss had asked her to marry him! Gorgeous, wealthy Slater Livingstone had proposed, and she, plain Erin Reynolds, had said no! As Slater’s PA she already organised his life… So why did Erin wish she’d said yes?

4)The Boss’s Secret Mistress – Alison Fraser
An affair simply isn’t on her agenda. But Tory Lloyd’s new boss, Lucas Ryecart, is determined to make her his mistress. Working with him all the time, her body betrays her attraction… What comes after seduction?

5)The Sicilian’s Mistress – Lynne Graham
After a hit-and-run accident, pregnant Milly doesn’t remember Gianni D’Angelo. She’s horrified that she was his mistress…and he’s claiming her little boy is his son! Worse, Gianni wants to get married…

6)The Rich Man’s Mistress – Cathy Williams
Two days of glorious passion with gorgeous Luke Decroix and Miranda was ecstatic, but apparently it was just a fling for him and she came home alone. Now the millionaire wanted to give her a job – purely business?

7)Marriage at His Convenience – Jacqueline Baird
Amber’s multimillionaire Greek lover, had ruthlessly informed her that he was getting married – to someone else… But when she inherits half his company, he’s determined to protect it by marrying her. This is the only man she will ever love, but he needs to be taught a lesson!



‘You don’t own me!’

‘What do they say? Possession is nine-tenths of the law...’

Leonie rejected Vidal’s whirlwind proposal because of his arrogance, his womanising – and his powerful sexuality, which left her trembling.

Now the Portuguese billionaire is back in her life – and this time he has a hold over her. He could settle old scores, make her his mistress, and she’d have no choice but to comply...

But Vidal doesn’t want a mistress. He wants marriage. And he’s determined to possess Leonie – in every sense...



A new arrival – in the office!

Like the rest of the staff at Kanga tours, Alice Madigan is nervous about meeting her new boss – but when he walks through the door it’s worse than she could ever have imagined! Alice shared one very special night with him – but now they have to play it strictly business! But for how long can they pretend nothing has happened? Especially now that Alice has discovered she’s going to be having her boss’s babies…

From city girl – to corporate wife!



Mills & Boon Medical Romance

Desert doctor…secret father

Fourteen years ago Dr Nell Warren fell madly in love with Sheikh Khalil al Kalada – although he could never be hers, for a brief time their passion was intense.

Now Nell is faced with an emergency and is forced to seek him out. She journeys to the cosmopolitan oasis city where Kal is now a successful surgeon. He is the only man who can save her son’s life. Not because of his skill – but because Kal is Patrick’s father…



Mills & Boon Modern Romance

Paid to guard her body! She’s in danger...

Shelby Greer is horrified when she learns a mysterious man is threatening to harm her to get revenge on her father.

A bodyguard is hired...

Gray Compton is so sexy and charming. Shelby wouldn’t mind having him following her night and day – if he wasn’t the man who once ruthlessly spurned her advances...

He’s the man she’s never stopped loving...

It soon becomes clear that Gray is also harbouring an attraction for Shelby. But he’s determined to stay professional and keep his hands off her...can he resist?



Mills & Boon Tender Romance

From playboy prince to loving husband…?

Princess Tianna has absolutely no intention of allowing her lifelong betrothal to Prince Garth Roseanova to go ahead. When she arrives at the palace to disengage herself from the playboy Prince, she doesn’t expect to find an abandoned baby in the grounds. To protect the innocent child Tianna ends up going undercover as the baby’s nanny!

Before long dashing Prince Garth is won over – not only by the tiny baby, but by the mysterious beautiful new nanny as well. As Tianna and Garth get closer, she knows she will have to reveal her secret. But will their whirlwind romance survive the shocking truth?

Catching the Crown

Secrets and passion abound as the royals reclaim their throne!



Mills & Boon Historical Romance

Risking his life for his lady…

Once a galley slave, now a Venetian merchant prince, Lorenzo Santorini is driven to seek revenge on his Corsair captor. He spares no time for softer emotions such as love.

Yet when English beauty Kathryn Rowlands appeals for help in finding a friend lost to pirates, Lorenzo struggles to maintain his cold detachment. Kathryn awakens more than lustful thoughts. She stirs deep feelings that he has long forgotten. He must take drastic steps to protect her from his sworn enemy…


A sweeping tale of discovery, danger and passion From rugged Cornwall to the palaces of Venice and Rome



Mills & Boon Super Historical

A Dream…

Ariana Lévesque has been haunted for years by a recurring dream about a handsome young man and a dark, forbidding castle. But when her nightmare begins to come true, Ariana is caught up in a dangerous intrigue that began over two hundred years before she was born.

A Quest…

Malcolm Blackfriars barely escaped with his life after his father was murdered and his home burned to the ground. He must discover what lies behind these devastating events – even if it places his own life in jeopardy!

A Ninefold Key…

Ariana and Malcolm are fated to meet and to fall passionately in love. But will their search for the ninefold key unlock the deadly secrets of their past – or utterly destroy them both?



Mills & Boon Historical Romance

The Nabob’s Return

An officer in the East India Trading Company, Matthew Beresford has made a life a world away from England and his father’s malevolence. Now it’s time for Matthew to return home.

There, he finds Miss Imogen Priestley, who’s worked tirelessly to save the Thornfield estate from ruin. Cold and aloof, Matthew gradually thaws as he begins to imagine a new life – with Imogen. But he’s torn – the blistering heat of India will wilt his English rose, unless he can vanquish his demons and find his home at last with her...



Mills & Boon Blaze

He’s just one click away…

Raine Covington has found the perfect lover – online. When Jack’s sexy words fly across the computer screen, he can seduce her in a heartbeat. The hot, detailed images of them together feed her sexual fantasies. The best part? Raine doesn’t have to make a commitment or even cook dinner for Jack. No fuss, no muss. She can switch him off at any time. So why is she feeling unsatisfied?

Jack’s ready for the next step – to meet in person. He wants to make it real with Raine. Their virtual relationship has left him in a constantly aroused state, hungry for a taste of her lips and the touch of her skin. He wants to make love – all night long – to the woman who’s captured his heart sight unseen.

Except, once Raine and Jack meet face-to-face, both are surprised at the outcome…



Silhouette Desire

17)HER FINAL FLING by Joanne Rock

Spending time with Christine Chandler is doing crazy things to jet-setting Vito Cesare’s libido. Yet every time he makes a seductive move, she slips away…until he proposes a fling. No hassle, no strings, just a lot of adult fun. But after just a few steamy kisses, he’s breaking those rules and feeling much more than heat for her. Looks as if he has to convince her that this will be her final fling!

18)GETTING IT! by Rhonda Nelson

Zora Anderson has a secret that could ruin her-her boyfriend doesn’t sleep with her! She decides to spice up a conference and sets a seductive trap. Only it’s not her boyfriend’s bed she ends up in... Tate Hatcher can’t believe it when a strange woman surprises him in the shower and starts to berate him for not seeing to her needs. But the more he’s around her, the more Tate’s inclined to give the sassy woman a taste of what she’s been missing...



Mills & Boon Blaze

When three women go to a “lock and key” party to meet sexy singles, they never expect to find their perfect matches…in love and in bed!

Successful lawyer Michaela “Mikki” Correlli has worked hard to achieve the perfect life. There isn’t much else she could possibly want. When she attends a “lock and key” party, she hopes to have some hot fun, no strings attached. She certainly didn’t plan to hook up with her ex-husband.

Nolan Baylor will be the first to admit he and Mikki are like oil and water. All that energy and fire, though, made for the best sex he’s ever had! She’s a strong woman and hard to handle, but Nolan has a second chance now and this time he’s not letting her go…



Silhouette Desire


All it took was one glance at the toddler in Kaylee Simpson’s arms for Colt to know the two-year-old was his. Duty demanded that he do right by mother and child so he swept them off to his ranch. Trouble was, spending day and night in such close proximity made the rodeo heartthrob realise that Kaylee still stoked his passion. Although she resisted her attraction to him, he knew he’d do almost anything to claim her as his own, once and for all!

21)STORM OF SEDUCTION by Cindy Gerard

Tonya Griffin had been a lovestruck assistant when she had thrown herself at her boss. Twelve years later, Web Tyler was making the now-famous photographer a lucrative offer. Tonya had dreamed of this moment for years, but her revenge had soured: Web Tyler had forgotten their night together!



Silhouette Desire

The Tempting Mrs Reilly

Brian Reilly was a man on the edge. It had been two long weeks since he and his brothers had made the bet, before Tina Coretti Reilly turned up on his doorstep. And now that his beautiful ex-wife was within arm’s reach again, he didn’t know how he’d survive! Because Tina wanted a baby. Brian’s baby.

Whatever Reilly Wants…

For two years Connor had been coming to Emma Jacobsen’s shop, she’d listened to him talk about this woman and that one. She’d thought their friendship was special. Until he admitted how ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ he felt around her, how he’d laughed at his brother. Well, war was declared! She was going to show her ‘pal’ just how much of a threat she could be to his chastity!



Silhouette Desire


Struggling to get her business off the ground, Lily West was suddenly offered a tantalising proposal: pose as millionaire Rick Faulkner’s fiancée and the pick of jobs would be hers. She was not a socialite dripping in charm, so Rick became Lily’s tutor; but how could he ever let her go?

24)TOTAL PACKAGE by Cait London

The night photographer Sidney Blakely encountered Danya Stepanov atop a windswept cliff-then moved in with him-her immediate feminine response to his masculinity frightened her. But Danya was confident enough to show her that loving could be slow, and giving…and often. Trouble was, Danya wanted the total package: wife and babies.

25)The Veiled Bride by Elizabeth Bailey

Why does Anton, Lord Raith, need to advertise for a wife? When Rosina Charlton walks down the aisle towards this stranger, the truth is revealed - a cruel scar disfigures his otherwise handsome features. Penniless, orphaned Rosina finds herself committed to an embittered man who wants a marriage based on convenience alone...

26)Lady Jane’s Physician by Anne Ashley

Lady Jane Beresford was happy to stay with her cousin, Lady Jane Knightley, but her enjoyment was marred by meeting blunt Dr Thomas Carrington. Then, when Jane needed his professional help, they couldn’t help falling in love. But Tom knew, if Jane didn’t, that an earl’s daughter was out of his reach.


Mills & Boon Historical Romance

He would have his revenge – but at what price?

Robert McHugh, Earl of Glenross, is out to avenge his family’s tragedy. He hasn’t anticipated his reactionto the alluring beauty of Miss Afton Lovejoy. She, in turn, is shocked by the passion she feels for this notorious womaniser. Plunged into a world of intrigue and desire, Robert begins to suspect that Afton is not all she seems. But what will he do when he discovers that she is, in fact, the very woman he’s sworn to destroy…?



Silhouette Sensation

Six years vanished in a heartbeat... Dave gazed down at the unconscious Patricia Manning. But the squad commander of the Special Ops unit had to steel himself against this irresistible woman who’d walked out on him and was now up to her beautiful neck in a deadly game of international terror.

How many nights had she dreamt about him?

Dave Cassidy was back in her life, sweeping her from harm’s way, but he believed she was part of a global conspiracy and she had to prove him wrong. Winning his trust again was Trish’s most important mission as danger and desire collided between a man and a woman determined to turn the mistakes of the past into a promise for the future.



Silhouette Intrigue

The stranger with her husband’s face...

Caroline Winters, the first woman elected president, knew her term wouldn’t be easy.Then, months into her office, her husband tragically died in a plane crash-and she began receiving bone-chilling phone calls... Now, suddenly, Justin Winters has returned. And when the threats on her life began, like an executive bodyguard, Justin performed feats of superhuman skill to protect her. And as the danger escalated around them, it seemed less daunting than facing the feelings provoked by the tender touch of the stranger with her husband’s face...



Silhouette Sensation


Falling in love was not an option for Dr Tyler Fresno. Certainly not with the mysterious Jane Doe who had been rushed into his emergency room. He’d felt an instant connection to the beautiful woman, and he wanted to help her. But being her knight in shining armour could put his life-and his heart-in danger.

On the brink of a scientific breakthrough, Hannah Zachary was now running on borrowed time. She had knowledge that dangerous men would kill to possess. She desperately needed to trust someone, and Dr Handsome was it. But who would protect her from Tyler, who wanted her as badly as she wanted him?


Silhouette Intrigue

Unlawfully wedded?

Clayton Landry would do whatever it took to prove his innocence-and Victoria DeSimone was the key to clearing his name. Her testimony had sent him to jail for a crime he didn’t commit and he could never forget what she had cost him. Clayton had escaped to find justice...but his salvation meant marrying a woman he couldn’t trust.

Newly wedded to an escaped con and on the run from the law, Victoria didn’t think things could get much worse-but she was wrong. When their quest to clear Clayton’s name turned deadly, their need to believe in each other was suddenly a matter of life or death.


Silhouette Intrigue

An accidental run-in?

A benign business trip to Mexico turns sinister when one man turns up dead and another –impossibly – returns in the flesh!

Penelope Moon couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her fiancé, Simon Decker, a man who had been languishing in a coma for months, on board a passing yacht with a man who would die within hours. But this Simon wasn’t the kindly accountant she’d fallen in love with, who knew her intimately as though he’d read a brief on her needs and desires. This man was altogether different. Tougher, stronger-sexier than she’d known. And she secretly liked it. Soon Penelope found herself drawn into a deadly conspiracy. But would her heart end up as collateral damage...?



Silhouette Sensation

Wedding on the run.

Janina Gálvez hadn’t asked Russ Levoie to marry her. It was all his idea. What the gorgeous cop didn’t know was that she’d loved him since she was sixteen.

Russ would never forget the late-night call from Janina, who’d witnessed a terrible crime. Thirteen years later, she had blossomed into the most desirable woman on earth, but the psychopath she’d helped put away was out of jail and now she was in danger again.

Keeping Janina safe was his top priority. But Russ also had another mission: to prove to his brave, passionate wife that a wedding made in haste could lead to the most lasting love of all...



Silhouette Sensation


Hotshot NSA code breaker Kim Valenti had cracked a code revealing a terrorist plot to take over a major TV network, a takeover that Kim learned too late was only a diversion for a far more dangerous threat.


She had just minutes to thwart the real plot—a bomb at a major airport. Kidnapping a member of the FBI bomb squad to help her was a start.


Now it was up to Kim—and one angry FBI agent—to find the bomb, defuse it and live to fight another day. Except...was this explosive just the tip of the iceberg?



Mills & Boon Special Release

35)My Favourite Mistake by Stephanie Bond

When Denise Cook married Redford DeMoss in a chapel in Vegas, she knew it was a mistake. So, despite an incredible honeymoon, she filed for divorce. Little did she realise that Redford would turn out to be her true Valentine...

36)Valentine Vendetta by Sharon Kendrick

Fran was out for revenge against devastatingly attractive Sam Lockhart - the man who's broken her best friend's heart. But as Fran worked with Sam on his charity ball, Fran's new Valentine wish was to have Sam all to herself!


Mills & Boon Special Release

37)An Independant Woman by Betty Neels

Julia GRace has always stood on her own two feet, but lately Professor Gerard van der Maes is always on hand with a perfect solution to every problem. And now, when she loses her home, he sweeps her off her feet with an irresistable proposal - marriage!

38)Husband For Real By Cathering George

Years after their wedding of convenience, Rose could admit that she loved James. Bur she didn't expect him to turn up on her doorstep to say that he wanted to stay married to her. Their physical attraction was undeniable, yet she needed more than just a valentine love...



Mills & Boon By Request

39)Rome’s Revenge – Sara Craven

Thanks to a family feud, Rome D’Angelo was being told he must make Cory Grant his bride and then jilt her. He was amazed to find Cory’s innocence so sexy. Perhaps instead of jilting her he should marry her!

40)The Sweet Revenge – Emma Darcy

The moment Nick Armstrong saw Barbie Lamb, he had to brave her. She was the sexiest woman he’d met! Completely forgotton was the teenage girl whose youthful crush he’d rejected years ago…

41)A Seductive Revenge – Kim Lawrence

Josh Prentice has a broken heart and thinks there’s only one way to mend it; he plans to seduce Flora Graham, and then jilt her. But he doesn’t expect to find it so difficult to walk away…


Mills & Boon By Request

42)The Princes Pleasure

Prince Luka of Dacia is a man with a lot to lose, so he trusts nothing – least of all his unexpected desire for Alexa Mytton. There’s no time to get her off the remote Pacific Island, so Luca commands she be detained, in the lap of luxury, for his pleasure…

43) A Royal Proposal – Marion Lennox

Virtuous Penny-Rose O’Shea is being rescued from poverty by a handsome prince who wants to marry her! But she’ll be a temporary princess as her husband only wants her for one year!

44)The Sheikh’s Proposal – Barbara McMahon

Sara Kinsdale is indebted to a very attractive, elusive prince of the desert and when he demands to be repaid his price is…marriage! He wants a trophy wife, but will her told be an intimate one?


Mills & Boon Modern Romance - Series Extra

Wanted: wife for one week

Nicholas Cooper needs to produce a wife for his Hong Kong business deal to go without a hitch, and Hallie Bennett is beautiful and intelligent enough to pull it off. She needs the money, and Nicholas swears he’ll be the perfect gentleman.

Rule No.1:displays of affection in public only

Keeping their hands off each other in public turns out to be surprisingly easy. It’s keeping them off in private that becomes the problem.

And that’s not the only very inconvenient complication…



Mills & Boon Modern Romance - Series Extra

Dream lover..or nightmare boss?

Jack Taylor’s new investment needs a special touch, and he’s decided Kitty Giroux is just the woman to provide it! Now a talented designer, she’s also blossomed into an irresistibly sexy woman – and Jack’s never been one to resist temptation…

Kitty has worked hard to get jack out of her system, but she’s not about to turn down a lucrative contract just because he is offering it. If Jack’s dangerously sexy charm still has the power to set her pulse racing, the obvious solution is to avoid him…

If only it were that easy!



Mills & Boon Modern Romance

Draped in diamonds

Wearing the rare and priceless Levantsky diamonds is one of Anna Delane’s most prestigious modelling assignments. But when the precious gems go missing, Anna is left at the mercy of the Greek tycoon Leo Makarios…

Blackmailed into this bed…

Leo believes that exquisite Anna is nothing more than a common thief. And he will do anything in his power to get his jewellery back! So, having taken her to an exotic island, Leo puts his ruthless plan into action; as the sun sets Anna will become his, and as it rises she’ll be free to go…By then, her debt will have been repaid!



Mills & Boon Modern Romance

The Sultan’s gift…

Cameron Knight: a ruthless troubleshooter, his mission in the remote desert kingdom of Baslaam is covert and dangerous…

Leanna DeMarco: a classically trained ballerina, she’s been abducted and sold to dance in the harem of the Sultan of Baslaam…

Cam’s in a tight spot, and when the Sultan offers Leanna’s body to him, he sees a way out. But escaping with the scantily clad Leanna across the sands is more temptation that even he can handle. When they reach a safe oasis, he can no longer hold back from taking the night of lovemaking that was the Sultan’s gift…



Mills & Boon Modern Romance

Another compelling tale of English village life by popular author Catherine George

Coming home to the country offered Kate the chance to make a settled, secure life for herself. But there was a complication – in the shape of her ex-fiance, millionaire Jack Logan. He was still the gorgeous man who had swept her off her feet before – and the attraction between them was electric!

It would have been easy for Kate to let Jack seduce her. But not so simple to explain the secret she’d kept hidden for years. If Jack learned the truth, would he be so keen to reclaim his runaway bride?


When everybody is watching…

An impromptu appearance on a morning talk show to promote her new book turned Dr Molly Jameson’s quiet life upside down. And now the brainy beauty had become a media-savvy serial killer’s next target. Even worse, the infuriatingly handsome – and very off limits – anchorman, Chandler Landry, was the only one she could turn too for protection.

Though a string of suspicious accidents proved Molly was in terrible danger, forging an intensely passionate relationships with Chandler seemed more frightening than being found by the madman who wanted her dead. But would Molly’s fleeting minutes of harrowing fame lead to a permanent future together with Chandler… or lead her straight to the killer?


She’s in black lace…

PI Emilio Sanchez just received the latest sexy note from his hot, anonymous admirer. Signed only as “Yours in Black Lace” the letters are becoming more illicit with every blazing word. Getting the cards at work suggests that she’s someone in the office, but he can’t be sure, and the not knowing is driving Emilio crazy. When she’s discovered, he knows better than to mix business with pleasure, but the words are irresistible. And so is Stevie .

He’s in paradise

Stephanie “Stevie” Madison. Investigator, siren, letter writer. When Emilio discovers its her, he knows he should keep his hands off, but the words she wrote are unforgettable. And now she’s in jeopardy, she isn’t just a colleague anymore, she’s also a client. At an exclusive hideaway, he cant fight he attraction any longer, especially when she hands him a new card. How can he protect her from danger when he can’t even protect her from his own desire?


Francesca “Frankie” Salvaterra is exactly where she wants to be in life. She is known as the Carnal Contessa, the resident sexpert for CHIC magazine, and her outrageous suggestions for flavouring sex have propelled her to semi-stardom. But when the magazine pairs her up with sexy Ross Hartford, aka The Duke of Desire, she knows where she’ll end up – in his bed. And she plans to enjoy it…

Ross isn’t happy to learn that he’s been set up to give sex advice to thousands of women. There’s only one woman he wants, and he’d like to personally demonstrate just how much he knows. Still, this temporary partnership – in and out of bed – might be exactly what he needs to get Frankie out of his system for good. But it doesn’t look like there’s anything temporary about it…


When a gang of twenty-something women got together, men are always on the menu!

When a chance encounter with a mysterious sexy stranger leads to a night she’ll never forget. Independent Cilla Danforth can’t believe her luck. Until the morning after, when the man in her bed turns into her company’s newest , sleekest executive. Not to mention she’ll be working with him to bring her latest, hippest designer clothing venture to life.

Rand Mitchell can’t believe his bad luck. Hitting the sheets with the boss’s daughter isn’t the smartest move he’s ever made. Or is it? Cilla’s beautiful, smart, sensual – there’s no lying about that. But she’s used to the best..of everything, even men. Especially men. Can Rand measure up?


A gorgeous Italian – with a proposal…

Luke is startled to discover that the tenant of his Rome residenza, Minnie Pepino, is young, blonde and sensational! There is an immediate attraction between them, but despite her family’s premature plans to arrange the wedding of the year Minnie holds back, unable to let go of her past.

But the more time Luke spends with Minnie he seems that beneath her reserved façade there lies a broken heart and painful memories…Luke is determined to be the one man who can make her whole again…


Inheriting half of her late husband’s company means Shannon Morris is now Jase Pembrooke’s business partner – to their mutal dismay!

Working together, they are forced to confront their growing attraction. Then Shannon discovers that Jase promised her late husband he’d take care of her.

Shannon doesn’t want a relationship based on obligation. If she were to marry again, it would only be for love. But can Jase convince her that he isn’t acting purely out of duty?


The husband she always wanted…

Four years ago Georgia Henderson had a fantastic job and loving husband. But his demanding career often kept him away from home.

Now, with her marriage behind her, Georgia’s life has changed completely. She relishes her new role as a mother to her adopted orphan nephew. Her main priorities are stability and security, and a partner who will always be there for her.

But sending the divorce papers to Mac brings him hotfooting it back to her! He’s determined to prove to Georgia that he’s changed, and that despite everything they’ve been through he can be the husband she needs…


Sean O’Reilly had become so close to his colleague and friend Maggie Sullivan that he was beginning to imagine their friendship could lead to more. Only now, bizarrely, she’s backed off – and, even more strangely, she’s started looking for love on the internet! Well, if he can’t beat them, he’ll have to join them…

Maggie can’t let herself get close to Sean. Not now. Not when she’s discovered something that will break all his dreams of happy ever after. But she has no idea how much she hurt Sean – nor how much she has just fuelled his determination to make her his…by any means necessary!


Mills & Boon Tender Romance

A promise to the King of Aleutia means that Crown Prince Marco must marry the man’s daughter. But the Princess in question is too busy having fun to settle down, so a temporary princess is hired to take her place…

So, Shannon Harper, waitress, comes Shannon Harper – princess. And when the brooding, handsome young Prince sweeps her off her feet she can't help but wish that she was princess for real…


Ryan Nix knows all too well the joys of parenthood – and the pain of loss.

He’s vowed never to open himself up to such heartache again. Until, walking past the maternity ward, he sees his names listed as the father of Emma Davenport’s newborn baby!

Sweet, lovely Emma knew it was a risk when she fell deeply in love with a man as guarded as Ryan. But their beautiful baby girl is proof that she and Ryan once shared something special. Maybe its time for Ryan to meet his daughter and be the father – and husband – he’s always hoped to become…



A spy for the British Government, Lord Joshua Sherbourne Faringdon must foster his notoriety as a rake as a front for his secret activity.. Until an undercover exercise almost costs him his life.


Miss Sarah Russell, newly appointed housekeeper knows only her lord’s rakeish reputation. She’s unprepared for his surprise proposal of marriage – and the way her body responds to him!


Burning desire turns to passion for Joshua and Sarah, until rumours and whisperings rear their ugly heads. Who is the shadow following Sarah’s every move? Did Joshua really murder his late wife? Just what is this intriguing man hiding?


The Sinner

On the surface, Fan Winslow appeared to be the prim and proper housekeeper of Feversham Hall. In actuality she was the leader of a notorious smuggling gang! But the arrival of Feversham’s new owner threatened to ruin her thriving business.

Meets the saint…

Captain Lord George Claremont lived by his honour and was duty bound to stop any illegal activity on his property… even if the villain was a mysterious beauty with eyes no man could resist. Would turbulent passion be enough to unite lovers on opposite sides of the law?


A promise honoured, a passion rekindled

The time had come…duty called. Bound by his word, Sir Fergus Melrose would honour his betrothal, but first he must claim his betrothed…

His task wouldn’t be easy. Lady Nicola Coldyngham was no longer he young lass who had worshipped his every move. Nor, since he’d spurned her childish love, was she willing to give up her heart so easily again.

Her defiance became his challenge – a challenge he was unable to resist. Spurred on by the promise of her fiery beauty, this was one contest Sir Fergus Melrose had every intention of winning.


She was falling in love…with her husband!

Faith McDowell had run from her marriage, convinced that her husband was better off without her. Now that she’d made her home on a Texas ranch, she’d had no plans of ever returning.

But Max McDowell wanted her back. It had taken him three years to find her, and he wasn’t going home without her. It was a matter of principle …

Until he realised he was more in love with the woman Faith had become than he ever could imagined. And that love just might be what Faith had needed all along.

Texas 1898


She’d stolen his heart – but could she be trusted?

Lord Thorpe’s new business partner was not at all what he’d expected. Beautiful and outspoken, Alexandra Ward was also the perfect image of a woman long thought dead. But was she a schemer in search of a fortune, or an innocent caught up in circumstances she didn’t understand?

Someone knew the truth, someone who didn’t want Alexandra to learn too much. Only Lord Thorpe could help her – but could he overcome his own suspicions?


Two people have entered Cal Jamieson’slife – his long-lost love and his unknown son!

Cal Jamieson never gets involved. It’s why he’s a surgeon in isolated Crocodile Creek, why he never wants a family - and why Gina Lopez had to leave him.

The Gina returns, with the son he didn’t know he had. She’s only come to tell Cal he’s a father, but she’s forced to stay when an abandoned baby needs her medical skills. Can Cal face up to fatherhood? Can he risk losing Gina again? And can he persuade her to stay – this time for good?


Mills & Boon Medical Romance

From A& E doctor to high-society bride?

Registrar Alyssa Ward is not pleased when she wins a date with A&E consultant the Hon. Sebastian Radley. She’s not in the market for a relationship – especially not with a renowned womaniser like Seb. But, then again, he is devastatingly handsome – and its only one date after all…

Seb has never been one for monogamy. So why does he find that one date with Alyssa just isn’t enough? There’s so much more to her than the other women he’s dated. And when she gives him some life-changing news he finds himself reassessing who he really wants to be – every woman’s Hon.playboy..or Alyssa’s honourable husband?


Kathmandu, Nepal, 1300 meters above sea level

Dr Juliet Adams is an expert in her field of high-altitude medicine, and she’s about to take on the most dangerous, gruelling and emotionally testing challenge of all – Mount Everest!

Everest base Camp, 5400 meters above sea level

It is Juliet’s life ambition to reach the summit – her brother died climbing it – but one man stands in her way. Brooding Dr Finn McEwan is also on the expedition – and its their job to work together, trust each other and ensure everybody’s safety when every moment of the mountain could be fatal.

CAMP IV in the South Col – ‘the Death Zone’

Finn’s natural instinct is to protect his determined, beautiful colleague – especially as he knows she’s got secrets, and on Everest there’s nowhere to hide…


Pregnant by the boss!

At her friends wedding, Chrissie Paige finds herself falling for the best man, fellow surgeon Sean O’Reagan. They spend an amazing, passionate weekend together before they are forced to go their separate ways.

Back at work, Chrissie can’t stop thinking about him, and then Sean walks the door… she realises that Sean is not only her new boss, but also that she is pregnant with his child!


Mills & Boon Medical Romance

A country affair

When Dr Giselle Howard arrives in Abbeyfields she has no intention of leaving her Parisian lifestyle behind. But the welcome she finds from the villagers and their appreciation of her much needed skills, not to mention the growing affection she has for her local GP Marc Bannerman and his two adorable young children, creates a bond that she just can’t ignore…

Giselle is drawn to life in the charming English village, and torn between it and life in Paris. The question is, can Marc Bannerman get her to admit that she loves him enough to maker her want to stay?


A child to call her own…

on discovering he has a daughter, Lewis Cole finds his life changed in an instant – from single city surgeon to single father and country GP. He’s determined to give Kristy all the love and attention she needs, but somehow he finds there is also room in his heart for the beautiful Dr Helen Daniels.

When she’s around it feels as if they are a family. Lewis can see her as the perfect wife and mother for Kristy, but Helen needs something more – a child of her own. How can Lewis fulfil her dreams when he’s still discovering how to be a dad.


One decision can change everything… Is there more than one route to happiness?

After the excitement and drama of working in A&E, Fran Williams is at a crossroads; she’s in need of a change and a little TLC.

Will she accept a new assignment nursing injured, impatient, wealthy Josh Nicholson?

Or should she take the job as a practice nurse in a single father Dr Xavier Giraud’s surgery?

Buy Assingment; Single Man and Assignment; Single Father and receive the short story that started it all as a special bonus…


Mills & Boon Blaze

When three women go to a ‘lock and key’ party to meet sexy singles, they never expect to find their perfect matches… in love and in bed!

Going to a lock and key party isn’t Lauren Massey’s idea of a good time. Fine, she can write an article about speed dating in the twenty-first century, but once she has her research, she’s heading home –alone. Of course, her plans didn’t include a hot encounter with sexy Josh McCrea. For the first time Lauren is ready to drop her defences – and her clothes! And let loose!

When Josh discovers that he his key fits Lauren’s lock, he’s not sure if it’s a good sign. He doesn’t believe you can meet “the one” at a party, after all. But Lauren is unlike anyone he’s ever met – she’s sexy, smart and knows what she wants. And clearly what she wants is Josh…

73) Society Page Seduction – Maureen Child

Millionaire Simon Pearce’s bride to be left him standing at the altar and wedding planner Megan Ashton was dumbfounded when she was asked to fill in. Be Simon’s bride. For a year. What better was to escape her situation than by marrying a gorgeous, powerful stranger?

74) Just a Taste – Bronwyn Jameson

Jillian Ashton has been lied to, cheated on and widowed. Seeing her through it all Seth Bennedict - her brother-in-law. He’d held her, comfortable her – and she’d felt the simmering of an impossible attraction. But now the fire was not just simmering, it was threatening to ignite!


75) Her Passionate Plan B

She had the perfect plan to catch a good man… until a sexy stranger showed up out of nowhere! With his all-male looks Kell Magee could melt a woman like chocolate on a summer day. But marriage material? Men like Kell are good for one thing – wild, scorching sex. The sooner Kell finds his family roots and leaves town, the better…

76) Her man Upsairs

A sex god in her bedroom! Hiring a centrefold stud to remodel her home was crazy. But Marty Owens, practical bookstore owner, was a desperate woman, and contractor Cole Stevens was a man with muscles, strong hands and a seductive voice promising he could get the job done – fast. It made perfect sense for him to move in so he could work days and nights.


Under the Tycoon’s Protection – Anna DePalo

it seemed that her family had employed had employed security tycoon Connor Rafferty to safeguard successful prosecutor Alison Whittaker from recent death threats. His barely restrained ardour should have been warning never to let him move into her home. After all, he’d featured prominently in her fantasies. And now neither of them could afford to be distracted…

78) Between Strangers – Linda Conrad

rescuing a stranded mother and baby from a raging blizzard hasn’t been part of Lance White Eagle Steele’s plans. Yet he couldn’t abandon Marcy Griffin. And ended up getting snowed in with her, tasting those fiery kisses. She was all wrong for him, so why sis she feel so right in his arms?


Recipe for red-hot romance

Take one part Maggie D’Angelo, the striking and independent food critic who’s had her fill of casual men…

Add one part gorgeous photographer on a mission for seduction. Rick Flannery’s playboy reputation wasn’t good, but his desire went for beyond a passing fancy…

Mix in meddling sisters who believe Rick is just the man to spice up Maggie’s life.

Maggie’s afraid this recipe will make a mess of her orderly life. But Rick thinks that the risk of getting burned leads to the sweetest payoff of all true love!


Two women in labour…A delivery ward in chaos…a mix-up during a blackout…?

For three years, single mother Jillian Kendall had raised her daughter, Abby, and built a secure and loving home. But her happiness was threatened by Chase Remmington’s claims that their babies had been switched at birth. Jillian would do anything to keep the child she’d lovingly raised, but was Marianne the baby she’d given birth to?

The only way Jillian could have both little girls was to marry Chase. Although he was a mystery to her, she saw the tenderness in his eyes when he looked at her daughter. Jillian also saw the passion in his eyes when he looked at her. Could Jillian find the courage to accept everything Chase offered?


Unwed heiress expecting triplets!

But the identity of the father is hush-hush. Although expectant mother Briana McCallum has fiercely guarded her secret, rumour has it that she had met someone on a trip out of town almost eight months ago. Could the undisclosed daddy be newcomer Hunter Callaghan?

Gossip says that when the handsome new doctor ‘met’ his pregnant new co-worker, there was an undeniably familiar gleam in his eyes – and Hunter has been showing ‘fatherly and husbandly’ concern for the unborn babies and their lovely mother.


Jake McBride knew Hope Dumaine could drive him nuts

Coming from Hollywood, Hope was young, rich and beautiful –all wrong for hard as granite Wyoming rancher Jake. So how dare she claim that visiting Sunshine gap made her feel at home?

How dare she flaunt her fashionista charms at him, as if he were the only man for her?

Hope made Jake hopping mad. Worse, she set his pulse racing. OK, her smile was pure as a mountain sunrise, her daring kisses sweet as wild honey. But what was Jake to do with a woman like Hope? Run her off – or keep her? Somehow, Jake knew he was in for the time of her life…


Emergency: hero needed!!

Rand Michaels was barely into the mission when something went wrong with the plane. All he could do was push pilot Winnie Mae Taylor to use every ounce of her aviation skills to get them on the ground. So, he pinned her with his most forceful army sergeant glare and said, ‘Just do it! Get this plane down in one piece.’

Rand’s gut twisted. He was confident of his skills and knew their survival wasn’t in question, but he wanted to believe in Winnie. Alone together she seemed so honest, so appealing, so alluring. He would soon discover. If Winnie was innocent…


More than just one night…

It must have been the heat and sensuality of New Orleans that drove private investigator Kate Labiche into the arms of hotshot attorney Cullen McGyver. After all, she’d gone to the Big Easy on business… and wound up basking in pleasure.

Their attraction was in intense, but she knew Cullen’s past would keep him from pledging his heart. Still, she didn’t expect to wake up one morning and find him gone without a trace. Not could she predict that, two years later, she would be hired to protect the very man she swore never to forgive. And as hard as she tried to deny the passion that raged between them, Kate came to realise that she couldn’t protect her heart.


A woman without a past…

She didn’t know her name, she didn’t know her nationality. The newly manufactured ‘Rianna Kingsley’ only knew that her martial-arts skills and weaponry and assassination techniques went far beyond the average person’s…

A mark that became a death warrant…

The men who’d tried to assassinate her all shared one common trait: a tattoo of winged horse, exactly like the one on her ankle. Where had it come from – and what did it mean to her survival?

A man who was more than just a stranger… It was dangerous for Rianna to share too much with anyone – much less the criminal hired to kill her – bur she couldn’t resist Jake Tarrance’s arms, his bed. With her shadowy past hot on her heels, would Rianna’s business with jake be passionate…or deadly?


He makes the rules – and she breaks them!

Plucky reporter Zoe Zagretti knew a good story when it fell into her lap, and she saw one in sexy police officer Aidan O’Rourke. She’d been trying to uncover the truth about his father’s murder, but the handsome cop didn’t appreciate the intrusion into his private affair.

Zoe’s investigation soon make’s her the target for violence, and Aidan couldn’t keep his distance – nor could he resist her many charms. With her help, he finally faced his dark past – and found true passion for the first time.

But someone else wanted the past to stay buried, and would stop at nothing – even murder – to silence the beautiful journalist. Just how far would Aidan go to keep Zoe safe?


Trouble becomes him.

Reporter Cory Pearson’s penchant for working in war zones had gotten him into hot water before, but this was uncharted territory, even for him. Because the pilot assigned to fly him into danger was none other than Sam Bauer.

Once she’d been Sammi June, an eighteen-year-old girl who’d looked at him starry eyed. Now she was Sam, a very competent professional, whose eyes seemed to hold all manners of secrets. If Sam was thrown by learning who her new client was, she couldn’t afford to show it – or the fact that her strong feelings for Cory hadn’t changed.

But if he couldn’t accept who she was back them, what would he possibly want with her now – now that life had taken a direction neither of them could have imagined…and left them both clinging to each other for their survival?


Silhouette Sensation

It began with a noise in the night…

When strange things began happening at her isolated home, lonely widow Kayla Thorne turned to handyman Paul Fotzgerlad for protection. But what a mistake? Paul was not only an ex-cop but also an ex-convict – though he swore he’d been framed. Yet if he was so eager to prove his innocence why was he spending his time fixing her house, instead?

Paul seemed intent on gaining her trust – and as he mysterious dangers escalated, Kayla needed someone to keep her safe. Paul was the perfect protector, because he needed nothing from her…or did he? Suddenly Kayla wondered just why Paul had come to her – and how close he meant to get…


Silhouette Sensation

Cynical reporter Joe Reilly didn’t believe in angels – human or other kind. But when he was assigned to write an article on nurse Nell Dolan, the ‘Angel of Ark Street’, he decided to get up close and personal. Trouble was, Nell’s soft heart was hidden away behind a steel armour that kept him away.

Suddenly his investigative instincts sprang to life. Who was Nell? And what was she hiding? Nell tried to convince the sexy in-your-face reporter that the clinic needed publicity and she didn’t. But the more time she spent with Joe, the more attracted she grew.

Dare she risk him uncovering the secrets of her past for a night under the covers with Joe?

Silhouette Sensation

She’s got 24 hours!

Someone was trying to assassinate the president of the United States, and only army intelligence captain Diana Lockworth had the ability to stop them – if she could convince the authorities she wasn’t a crackpot. It didn’t help that her intel came from a source so secret even she didn’t know who it was.

With only twenty-four hours to stop the attack, she had to figure out who was masterminding the plot and when they planned to strike. First, she had to get the charismatic young president on her side. And then she’d give the enemy a new target – herself!

Silhouette Intrigue

Secret bodyguard.

After helping the police track a serial killer brutalising her sleepy Louisiana town, Darby Shepherd made headlines that put her life on the line. Now, the only man she could trust to keep her safe was the enigmatic, inexplicably familiar Aidan Tanner who seemed to know Darby as well as she knew herself.

Soon, Aidan – and his mile-wide shoulders – became too hard to resist, and she became involved with her sexy protector. And as the danger escalated around them, the dark secrets from the past were fighting to resurface.


Silhouette Intrigue

Mission: Makeover.

It was high time Dusty McCall found herself a boyfriend. The tomboy might have been able to lasso a steer at fifty paces, but she had no idea how to wrangle a man. One thing was clear, a makeover was needed. Goodbye cowboy boots, hello high heels!

Rancher Ty Coltrane couldn’t believe Dusty’s transformation from rough-and-tumble cowgirl to fresh-faced beauty. Had the woman of his dreams been living next door all along?

When questions were raised about a competing suitor’s sinister and suspicious activities, Ty knew he had to win Dusty’s affection before things turned deadly. But no matter the cost, Ty would do anything to protect the woman he loved.


Silhouette Intrigue

Inhibited agent turns wanton woman!

Special Agent Prudence Dunlop was anxious to leave her desk job and get out in the field, but her all-too-handsome boss, John Cahill, a denied each request she made. So when the opportunity to catch a cunning serial killer arose, Pru would do anything to prove herself. She’d even strip off her plain Jane persona and pose as a seductive temptress in the hopes of luring out the murderer.

Instead, she unleashed an even more dangerous scenario between her and her boss. Though taking on the elusive killer threatened her life, would falling in love with John be the greatest risk of all risk at all?


Silhouette Superromance

Engineer and single mum.

Hannah Stanton is both – and then she’s called to active duty in the navy. But that mean’s she has to leave her baby behind while she flies helicopters in support of the Navy SEAL team that includes Mike McCaffrey – her old friend and colleague who also happens to be the one-night-stand she never told about her pregnancy. Hannah always meant to tell McCaffrey about the baby, but when was she supposed to do that?

A year ago he’d been sent into a war zone half a world away. Jeopardising his mission – and his life – with news he could do nothing about wasn’t possible. And now… Now it seems too late, expecially since he just announced that he likes kids – as long as they’re not his. Walking away isn’t an option, though, once the Navy sends them on a mission…together.

Silhouette Superromance

His job..or his family?

Jackson Garrett is a Hot Shot, one of an elite team who fights forest fires. More than once he’s saved the lives of people on his crew. And more than once, Jackson knows, the reason he has made it out alive is Lexie – his one true love. It’s always been a relief that he could go home to her. But now she doesn’t want him back.

Lexie Garrett doesn’t feel as if she ever had a husband. With Jackson always away, she’s raised their daughter alone. During one last night of bliss before she finalises her divorce, she becomes pregnant. Lexie loves Jackson – she has no doubt about that. But will he be there for her, the way he says he will? This time – and forever?


Silhouette Superromance

To Leslie Meadows, the warm, close knit D’Angelo family is everything a family should be. Everything her own family wasn’t. But the D’Angelos are facing difficult times, and when Matt D’Angelo comes home to visit, Leslie hardly recognises the troubled man who’s been her best friend since he;d defended her at school. Suddenly Leslie feels like an outsider.

Then Matt uncovers a secret about her that his father kept for decades, Once again, he’s there to help her deal with the truth. Only this time they’re becoming more than best friends. And the rest of the D’Angelos are looking forward to making her an official member of the family.


Silhouette Superromance

There’s a little sinner in the heart of every saint.

Everyone in Heyday loves Kieran McClintock. He is the golden boy, beloved son of the town’s richest man, and he lives up to his saintly reputation.

Only one person begs to differ.

Claire Strickland’s life was ruined by Kieran, and she’s not about to forgive him – not even when she discovers that she’s pregnant with his baby.

Kieran, Bryce and Tyler: Three brothers with different mothers- brought together by their father’s last act. The town of Heyday will never be the same – and neither will they.


Silhouette Spotlight

A Baby for Him?

98) A Baby for Emily – Ginna Gray

Emily Maguire’s intimidating, protective brother-in-law was suddenly sticking very close now that Emily was pregnant and alone. Why did she respond so shamelessly to the rough-hewn male’s tender care, his raw masculinity? She almost felt as if Dillon was the father of her child…

99) What the Baby Knew – Ingrid Weaver

Ex-navy SEAL Quinn Keelor has been on grand and dangerous missions and never been rattled. But a baby on his doorstep? Luckily a beautiful stranger, Rachel Healey, came to his aid. So now he only had to keep the baby safe, find its parents and shore up the walls around his heart!


Silhouette Spotlight

Mail – Order Wives

100) Wife by Contract – Raye Morgan

Joe Camden came home to find a bride two adorable kids on his doorsteps. They thought he’d be the perfect husband and father… but it was his brother who’d sent for a new wife!

101) Montana mail-order Wife – Charlotte Douglas

Rancher Wade Garrett’s mail-order bride turned up with a huge bump on her forehead and a case of amnesia. Rachel O’Riley didn’t know who she was let alone that she’d agreed to a marriage in name only! But handsome Wade certainly aroused her interest.


Mills & Boon Special Release

When Anna hears her father’s plans to marry her off to an old widower, she is determined to escape. Gathering together everything in her childhood sweetheart Jan board a boat from Holland to England. Heading to Cholchester, the hub of the thriving cloth trade, life is not easy for the young lovers – Jan falls terribly ill on their journey and are shocked to find seething tensions between the English and the Dutch.

On the advice of the local church minister, Jan finds work in very poor conditions. Faring better, Anna is offered a place in the minister’s house. When the lecherous motives behind Minister Archer’s generosity was revealed, Anna flees her new home. But with no money and nowhere to live, a perilous future for Jan and Anna is certain…


Mills & Boon Special Release

After years of dangerous fighting, Captain Jack Carrington had returned home to take up family duties and perhaps find himself a wife. But his life was thrown into turmoil when he viewed a fencing lesson unlike any other. The talented student was a beautiful young woman – and the most infamous courtesan in all of London – Lady Belle.

Who was the mysterious Belle? Eager to uncover the true woman behind the façade. Jack wagers he can win a kiss from Belle if he bests her at fencing. Though Belle is a woman he can not afford to keep nor dare to marry, he’s willing to risk it all to win her to his bed.

104) The Notorious Gabriel Diaz- Cathy Williams

Of all the arrogant billionaires in all the world, why is Gabriel Diaz the only one she can turn to? The last occasion when Gabriel heard the word ‘no' was when Lucy Robins rejected his skilled advances. A moment that is still etched on his bruised ego! Now, with her family in trouble, Lucy desperately needs help. Gabriel is happy to strike a deal, but his price is high: Lucy's virginity! Except he isn't prepared for their night together to leave him hooked, and when Lucy refuses to be his plaything he'll throw that one little word back at her... No!

105) No More Sweet Surrender- Caitlin Crews

Enemies attract! Ivan Korovin is determined to cement his evolution from dirt-poor dreamless kid to billionaire philanthropist. But first he has a serious PR problem to take care of: outspoken Miranda Sweet has ruined his reputation by labelling him ‘Caveman #1’ in her bestselling book. The solution? Give the ravenous public what they want – to see the enemies become lovers! From the red carpet in LA to black-tie charity balls in Moscow, they play out their pretend love story for all the world to see. But beneath the glare of the spotlight it’s getting harder to tell what’s real and what’s for show…

106) A Reputation For Revenge- Jennie Lucas

Playing a very dangerous game... Josie Dalton's heart pounds in her chest as she approaches the imposing penthouse of formidable Russian Prince Kasimir Xendzov. She might have agreed to marry him to save her sister, but the icy glitter in Kasimir's unflinching eyes warns that he's not a man to be played with. The final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place and revenge is at Kasimir's fingertips; the champagne's on ice and his new wife waits in the bedroom - victory has never been sweeter. But Josie's purity tests the one thing Kasimir never knew he had - honour.

107) A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby- Sharon Kendrick

One sinful night... Dante D'Arezzo is the last person famous songwriter Justina Perry wants to see at her best friend's wedding. The wickedly sexy Italian is ruthless to the core. He broke her heart once; she won't surrender to his insatiable desire again. But what Dante wants... One very big scandal! Justina's pregnancy hits the front page and Dante knows he's the father. He'll make her pay for trying to keep his child from him. His Miss Independent is about to become completely dependent...on him! This Italian will claim his heir and - if he wants her - a wife!

108) Playing the Dutiful Wife- Carol Marinelli

‘We have made an application on behalf of Niklas Dos Santos to exercise his conjugal rights...' Learning that the husband she's tried to forget has spent the past year falsely imprisoned in Brazil and needs her to visit him is the last thing Meg Hamilton wants. But she will play her part in exchange for Niklas's signature on the divorce papers! Except she hasn't bargained on their mind-blowing connection being as undeniable as ever. Last time it led usually sensible Meg into a Las Vegas wedding chapel. This time the consequence of giving in to their chemistry will bind her to Niklas for ever...

109) Taming the Last Acosta- Susan Stephens

Her mother told her never to play with fire... Living her life vicariously through a camera lens, photojournalist Romy Winner is happy to stay in the background, capturing other people's happiness. Until Argentinian polo champion turned Special Forces soldier Kruz Acosta challenges her to step out of the shadows - and into his bed! Their recklessness has one startling repercussion that should never be linked to a man with such a wicked reputation. If Romy is to secure her child's future she must get beneath the mask that hides his scars and learn how to tame the wild Acosta...

110) The Fallen Greek Bride- Jane Porter

Infamous Morgan Copeland has graced the tabloids as America's Sweetheart for years. Until scandalous family allegations change the headlines overnight to Socialite in Disgrace! Her reputation in tatters, and holding onto the last shreds of her pride, Morgan seeks her estranged husband's help, knowing that to convince merciless Drakon Xanthis she will have to get down on her knees and beg... At first Morgan was merely the Greek's trophy bride, but their explosive passion shocked them both - leaving Morgan now with only one weapon left to negotiate with: her body.

111) Island of Secrets- Robyn Donald

A temptation too far The only way Luc MacAllister can get his hands on his inheritance is to spend six months on a Pacific island with his stepfather's alleged mistress. Joanna Forman could tempt a saint, but if Luc wants to keep his sanity - and his secrets - he should keep her at arm's length. Taking her inheritance would confirm Luc's belief that she's a gold-digger, but turning it down would cost Joanna everything. So she must stand toe-to-toe with the powerful tycoon and hope that she can fight the attraction that burns between them until the end of the long, hot summer...

112) Captive in the Spotlight- Annie West

Out of the limelight... Domenico Volpe has been a paparazzi target for years, with his rugged Roman looks, glamorous lifestyle and, most recently, a family tragedy. Now the woman at the centre of it all has been released from prison he'll do whatever it takes to keep her quiet. And into the fire! Domenico ensures that Lucy Knight accepts his offer of refuge on his well-guarded offshore estate. While the media furore abates on the mainland things are heating up on the island! And Domenico is beginning to doubt Lucy's guilt as he uncovers the innocent, sensual woman behind the tough façade...

113) The Taming of a Wild Child- Kimberly Lang

Waking up in a stranger's bed is not how socialite Lorelei LaBlanc planned on spending the morning after the night before. From now on... a) No more secret hook-ups with Donovan St James - he's the last man on earth she'd want to share a room with, never mind a king-size bed! b) Maintain a professional persona at all times. He's a hard-hitting journalist who's always on the lookout for the latest scoop...surely she's perfect tabloid fodder? c) Keep friends close but enemies closer. Donovan may look like the ultimate poster-boy, but his intentions are anything but PG-rated...

114) His Mistress for a Million- Trish Morey

For one million dollars: mistress at his mercy! Jobless, homeless and penniless: humble housekeeper Cleo Taylor seeks a suitable position of employment. All good offers accepted… Billionaire tycoon Andreas Xenides seeks beautiful woman for business contract on the luxury island of Santorini. Terms: mistress for a month. Salary: one million dollars. Training will be given…

115) Bartering Her Innocence- Trish Morey

‘I simply require you to share my bed.’ Luca Barbarigo has lain in wait for three long years, and is now ready to exact his revenge against Valentina Henderson. After one unforgettable night together she left him with nothing but X-rated memories and the sting of her hand across his jaw. But those are the least of her crimes… Tina has sworn she’ll never see him again – but you don’t turn your back on Luca Barbarigo. Now she must confront the man who devastated her armed only with her innocence… What will it cost her to walk away this time? ‘

116) Dealing Her Final Card- Jennie Lucas

‘If my card is higher you’ll belong to me, obeying my every whim for as long as I desire.’ As Bree Dalton hears the icy words of Russian Prince Vladimir Xendzov, the man whose ring she once wore and whose life she once ruined, she nervously accepts the biggest wager of her life. Her body for a million dollars. Bree knows better than to doubt the steely ruthlessness of this man. With everything to lose, and the weight of Vladimir’s gaze upon her, she will have to play the best she’s ever played – or run the risk of losing herself completely…

117) In the Heat of the Spotlight- Kate Hewitt

This man’s power and passion will lay her bare… Ambitious CEO Luke Bryant needs a big-name star to help launch his luxury department store – everything hangs on its success. What he doesn’t need is washed-up pop princess and tabloid joke Aurelie Schmidt… Faced with the sexiest, angriest man she’s ever met, Aurelie knows her first comeback gig isn’t exactly going to plan. But Aurelie’s tougher than that, and she won’t let any guy, no matter how gorgeous, get beneath her skin – even if he does get between her sheets…

118) Living the Charade- Michelle Conder

Falling for the façade… Miller Jacobs knows that professional success doesn’t always come easy, and she’s not afraid of hard work. But her flair for business can’t help with her latest problem – finding a fake boyfriend for a weekend away with her boss! Valentino Ventura, maverick of the motor racing world, is Miller’s polar opposite. Yet helping buttoned-up Miller let her hair down – and whatever else she wants! – is an irresistible temptation…especially when Tino gets under her ice-cool demeanour and discovers a woman as hot as one of his cars!

119) Pride After Her Fall- Lucy Ellis

The secrets behind her smile… Bankrupt, homeless and alone, Lorelai St James is an heiress on the edge. Yet she hides her desperation behind her glossy blonde hair and even brighter smile. Getting lectured on her driving by a hot-tempered – and ridiculously attractive – stranger will not be what shatters her carefully crafted façade! Legendary Australian racing driver Nash Blue knows a thing or two about pride and sees straight through Lorelai’s polished front. Her vulnerabilities play havoc with his concentration and, never shy of a challenge, he begins his biggest yet: unwrapping the real Lorelai St James…

120) Sold to the Enemy- Sarah Morgan

Her one bright memory in a lifetime of shadows… Stefan Ziakas might be her father’s most hated business rival, but he’s the only man who has ever made Selene Antaxos feel beautiful. So, needing to make a new life for herself, Selene apprehensively turns to Stefan for help. Except the dark-hearted tycoon is nothing like the white knight she remembers! Seduced, bedded and betrayed in a matter of days, Selene realises it’s not always better the devil you know… She’s sold her soul – and her heart – to the enemy!

121) The Downfall of a Good Girl- Kimberly Lang

When she was good… Southern debutante Vivienne LaBlanc can’t believe bad-boy rock star Connor Mansfield is back in town for the New Orleans annual Saints and Sinners pageant. He has a reputation as wicked as his devilish smile, and Vivi has no intention of becoming one of his latest groupies! He once crushed her high school heart, so playing the saint to Connor’s sinner should be easy. But how can Vivi get those less than angelic thoughts out of her head – especially when Connor’s so good at tempting her to be bad?

122) Uncovering the Silveri Secret- Melanie Milburne

Caught between fury… Heiress Bella Haverton is furious that her late father left everything to Edoardo Silveri – her family house, her financial guardianship and, most grating of all, the right to decide who and when she marries! Bella is determined to shake off these intolerable shackles… And passion! Her plan to confront Edoardo spins wildly out of control when she learns that the troubled boy her father adopted is now a commanding, enigmatic man – with lethal sex appeal! Her head is warring with her traitorous body, and it’s time for Bella to uncover the secrets behind the man who controls her destiny…

123) Inheriting a Bride- Lauri Robinson

TROUBLE WITH A CAPITAL T When Kit Becker travels to Nevadaville to find her new guardian she doesn't count on train robbers stealing her grandfather's will. Determined to track down the thief, Kit's prepared to use any pretence necessary. Clay Hoffman knows a thing or two about money-grabbing females, so when he finds one posing as his new ward he's determined to get beneath every delicious layer of her disguises. Discovering she's telling the truth, Clay is torn - he should be protecting her, not thinking about making her his bride! All he knows for sure is that he's inherited a whole heap of trouble!

124) Taken by the Border Rebel- Blythe Gifford

TORMENTED BY HER INNOCENCE As leader of his clan, Black Rob Brunson has earned every dark syllable of his name. But, having taken hostage his enemy's daughter in a fierce act of rebellion, he is tormented by feelings of guilt and torn apart with the growing need to protect her - and seduce her! Stella Storwick feels Rob's disdain from the first. Then slowly she starts to see behind his eyes to a man in turmoil. Something he has no words for, something that can only be captured in a heart-wrenching kiss... The Brunson Clan The family who will kneel to no one...

125) The Accidental Prince- Michelle Willingham

HIS RUNAWAY PRINCESS Princess Serena of Badenstein intends to flee - from her violent father and from the man to whom she's been pledged in a political marriage of convenience. Karl von Lohenberg is without a country, a title - and a bride if he lets Serena get away. A ruthless man, he takes her to a secluded island, hell-bent on seduction. Only he discovers a broken woman behind the prim princess façade. The time they spend together mends her spirit and touches his soul, but how will she react to his deception?

126) The Outrageous Belle Marchmain- Lucy Ashford

A MARRIAGE MOST INCONVENIENT! Agreeing to a fake betrothal should suit both society dressmaker Belle Marchmain and landowner Adam Davenant fittingly - clearing Belle's debts and keeping Adam's husband-hunters at bay. Even if blue-blooded Belle, with her extravagant clothes and razor-sharp tongue, despises the very air that nouveau riche Adam breathes! If Adam wants a wife who's agreeable he has his work cut out. Yet when his demanding mouth caresses Belle's for the first time ever she's lost for words. Maybe Adam's found the one way to tame the only woman who's ever stood up to him and make her say, ‘I do...'

127) The Rake to Ruin Her- Julia Justiss

ONCE A RAKE... Known as ‘Magnificent Max', diplomat Max Ransleigh was famed for his lethal charm until a political betrayal left him exiled from government and his reputation in tatters. He seems a very unlikely saviour for a well-bred young lady. Except that Miss Caroline Denby doesn't want to be saved...she wants to be ruined! To Caroline, getting married is tantamount to a death sentence, and meeting the rakish Max at a house party seems the answer to her prayers... Surely this rogue won't hesitate to put his bad reputation to good use? Ransleigh Rogues Where these notorious rakes go, scandal always follows...

128) Unmasking Miss Lacey- Isabelle Goddard

STAND AND DELIVER! Incorrigible Jack Beaufort, Earl of Frensham, with a scandal at his heels, is taking an enforced sojourn in the country. He hardly expects to confront a highwayman in this quiet retreat. Or to discover, when he lays hands on the villain, a form that is undeniably female... Should he unmask the daring Miss Lacey and hand her over to the law? Or follow his rakish instincts to take the law and that temptingly curvaceous form into his own hands?

129) The Harlot- Saskia Walker

It is a Dark Era, one when a lusty lass will do what she must to survive. Even if it means bartering flesh for a palmful of coins. . . Forced to watch her mother burn at the stake, Jessie Taskill knows the danger of the gift she inherited—a powerful magic that must stay hidden. Until one night when she's accused of witchcraft and Jessie finds herself behind prison walls, awaiting certain death with a roguish priest unlike any man of the cloth she has known. In reality, Gregor Ramsay is as far from holy as the devil himself, but his promise of freedom in return for her services may be her salvation. Locked into a dubious agreement, Jessie resents his plan to have her seduce and ruin his lifelong enemy. But toying with Gregor's own lust for her is enjoyable, and she agrees to be his pawn while secretly intending to use him just as he is using her. . . .

130) Ecstasy in the White Room -Portia Da Costa

"This is a gorgeous room. So white and tranquil and glamorous, like something from a thirties movie set. From his pocket, Simon retrieves a white plastic rectangle. It's an invitation to a very exclusive private function, extended only to certain guests. The white card was in our welcome basket, along with the sex toys, and neither of us was quite sure whether we'd accept tonight...until now. Simon and Suzanne are ready to heat things up with a stay at a luxurious hotel that provides very special services. The White Room comes complete with discreet bondage accessories and a vast array of hedonistic toys that perfectly suit their erotic games of dominance and submission. But are they ready to take advantage of everything the White Room has to offer?"

131) The Prince- Tiffany Reisz

One man taught her to love She left her old life for him. Now Nora is torn in two. Wanting to fit into this new, innocent relationship, yet relentlessly hungering for her darker self…and Søren, the man she left behind. One man taught her to obey While Nora's trying on innocence for size, Søren is stepping ever further into decadence, determined to block out the agony of watching Nora walk away. Will she ever choose to return to their life of glorious, addictive sin? Which man would you crave?

132) Claiming the Temptress - Renee Field

" After centuries of slavery to Poseidon, demi-god Rourk has finally won his freedom--and the hand of Poseidon's daughter, Lily. She's a temptress he's long desired to claim, but she's unaware that Rourk is her intended husband. When Lily escapes to Earth to indulge in carnal delights before what she assumes will be a passionless marriage, Rourk is hot on her trail. He may be able to convinces her to return home--but in exchange, he must grant her a night of pleasure.... "

133) Ritual of the Red Chair -Portia Da Costa

"It's a beautiful chair. All gleaming and evocative and wicked looking; an object of desire, more than just a piece of furniture. I shouldn't have bought it. Yet when I saw the chair, I saw Simon in it. I could just imagine him lounging against the leather, enthroned like a sex god and ready to dispense retribution, just like one of those vintage disciplinary gentlemen in the Blue Book…. Simon and Suzanne have been exploring their wicked fantasies of dominance and discipline after finding a book of vintage BDSM photos. When they see a red chair at an antique shop that would make a perfect prop for their sexy scenarios, Suzanne can't resist splurging on it—giving Simon another reason to punish her. But his punishment is just the beginning of the erotic rituals featuring the Red Chair…

134) Discipline of the Blue Book -Portia Da Costa

"I can't stop looking at it. This book I found tucked at the back of the bookshelf in our holiday cottage. I'm reading the Blue Book, or more accurately, looking at its pictures again and again. It must be based on some real need. Some real kink. Somebody must have wanted it. I think I do... Simon and Suzanne are in a committed relationship--even if the sex is a little predictable. But while on vacation at a secluded cabin they discover the Blue Book, an erotic tome filled with vintage photos of men disciplining their submissive. Both Simon and Suzanne are turned on by the sensual images of domination--leading to experiments of their own that reveal all their secret, wicked desires.... "

135) Tempted- Megan Hart

"I had everything a woman could want My husband, James. The house on the lake. Our perfect life. And then Alex came to visit. The first time I saw my husband’s best friend, I didn’t like him. Didn’t like how his penetrating eyes followed me everywhere. Didn’t like how James changed when he was around. But that didn’t stop me from wanting him. It was meant to be fun. Something the three of us shared through those hot summer weeks Alex stayed with us. Nobody was supposed to fall in or out of love. After all, we had a perfect life. And I loved my husband. But I wasn’t the only one."

136) The Lovers- Eden Bradley

"I longed for a whole new life…but nothing prepared me for what I found Shy writer Bettina has clung for years to her safe, suburban world, until she receives a mysterious invitation to an infamous writers’ retreat. Her urge to leap into the unknown is at once terrifying and irresistible. Shocked, yet wildly drawn to the lavish, pleasure-seeking lifestyle of those around her, Bettina knows that these eight weeks will change her forever. Swept up in a maelstrom of lust, obsession and jealousy, Bettina finds herself torn between her need for two very different people in a love triangle where she will either be cherished…or consumed. "

137) Tied Up and Twisted - Alison Tyler

"The Dom... Journalist Hadley McCarthy has changed a lot since breaking up with her ex, Guy. She used to be Dom to his Sub, but she's been fantasizing about having someone dominate her for once. And when Guy invites her to do a story on his gymnastics studio, she finds the perfect candidate: sexy coach Reed Frost. The Sub... Guy has wanted Hadley back since they split up a year ago, until his hopes are dashed by her undeniable attraction to Frost. But Guy has his own secret desires, ones that he may finally be ready to explore... The Trainer... Reed Frost hasn't been with anyone since his wife--certainly no one as aggressive and seductive as Hadley. Can she convince him to become her trainer in the gym and the bedroom? "

138) In the Flesh- Portia Da Costa

Victorian society already believes she’s a scarlet woman. Why not become one? Beatrice Weatherly’s reputation is in tatters. With scandalous photographs of her being scrutinized by the ton and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice’s only hope – a respectable marriage – is dashed. Then powerful, wealthy Edmund Ellsworth Richie offers an indecent proposal: for one month of hedonistic servitude he’ll pay off her brother’s debts. But nothing can prepare Beatrice for the worst, for discovering that she enjoys her degradation and delights in the dark fantasies that Edmund has awakened. In fact, she’s fast becoming addicted to a life, and a man, who can never wholly be hers…

139) The Angel- Tiffany Reisz

She wanted him… Nora Sutherlin is hiding. On paper, she’s following her master’s orders – and her flesh is willing. More deeply, more strongly than she’d wanted anyone. But her mind is wandering to a man from her past, whose hold on her heart is less bruising, but whose absence is no less painful. But instead of letting him make love to her, she’d let him go. This is the story of a summer that proves the old adage: love hurts. The Original Sinners: The Siren, The Angel, The Prince

140) Sophie's Rogues -Vivien Jackson / Christa Paige

"Merry widow Sophie, Lady Atherly, and her lover have made a game of shocking each other with their wanton encounters. Sebastian is currently in the lead, but she has a plan to even the score: a threesome with her friend and previous lover, Edward. Sophie still entertains fantasies about Edward, and the idea of having both men at once promises pleasure beyond anything she’s experienced before. Sebastian is ready to play along, but with one condition: that Sophie submit completely to the two rogues’ commands…"

141) Steamed Up - Elizabeth Darvill

"In a world of steam runners, demons and soul stealers, seduction is her greatest weapon.... Half-succubus Angel has found her perfect match with Ian, the man with the other half of her soul. He gives her love and the erotic pleasure she needs to survive, though they also enjoy ménages with her frequent paramour, Jezebel. But when her friend betrays them, Angel may lose everything she holds dear. She’ll do anything—and anyone—to save Ian, including join forces with a dangerous former lover… ."

142) Taking the Heat - Lauren Hawkeye

"Maya is tired of being told by her traditional Indian parents that she must marry. Escaping their latest attempt at matchmaking—and the biting cold—she takes refuge in a hot Bikram yoga class…which happens to be run by the very man her parents tried to set her up with. Maya can’t believe the sexy instructor is the same man—and when she and Vikram disrobe in the steamy studio, she soon has a different kind of exercise in mind… ."

143) Little Red Riding Crop -Tiffany Reisz

Little Red Riding Crop, the free prequel to Tiffany Reisz’s acclaimed novel, The Siren, is not to be missed… Welcome to the whip-cracking world of the Original Sinners! Every dominatrix needs a day off. Mistress Nora needs a vacation. She might be the one flogging the clients, but Kingsley, her sexy French boss, is the real sadist who rarely gives her any free time. They strike a backseat deal: Nora gets one month off and a trip to Europe if she can sneak into a rival BDSM club and get the dirt on the owner. But she’ll need more than her little red riding crop when she comes face to face with Brad Wolfe, the one man who stands between her and freedom.

144) Switch -Megan Hart

Don't think. Don't question. Just do. The anonymous note wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the habit of reading other people's mail, but it was just a piece of paper with a few lines scrawled on it, clearly meant for the apartment upstairs. It looked so innocent, but decidedly—deliciously—it was not. Before replacing the note—and the ones that followed—in its rightful slot, I devoured its contents: suggestions, instructions, commands. Each was more daring, more intricate and more arousing than the last... and I followed them all to the letter. Before the notes, if a man had told me what to do, I'd have told him where to go. But submission is an art, and there's something oddly freeing about doing someone's bidding...especially when it feels so very, very good. But I find that the more I surrender, the more powerful I feel—so it's time to switch up roles. We play by my rules now.

145) The Siren- Tiffany Reisz

It's a man's world, but she's the one on top. Notorious Nora Sutherlin is famous for her delicious works of erotica, each one more popular with readers than the last. But her latest manuscript is different-more serious, more personal-and she's sure it'll be her breakout book...if it ever sees the light of day. Zachary Easton holds Nora's fate in his well-manicured hands. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control. Nora must rewrite the entire novel to his exacting standards-in six weeks-or it's no deal. Nora's grueling writing sessions with Zach are draining...and shockingly arousing. And a dangerous former lover has her wondering which is more torturous-staying away from him...or returning to his bed? Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits. But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple.

146) Deeper -Megan Hart

Twenty years ago she had her whole life spread out before her. She was Bess Walsh, a fresh-scrubbed, middle-class student ready to conquer the design world. And she was taken. Absolutely and completely. But not by Andy, her well-groomed, intellectual boyfriend who had hinted more than once about a ring. No. During that summer she met Nick, the moody, dark-haired, local bad boy. He was, to put it mildly, not someone she could take home to Daddy. Instead, Nick became her dirty little secret— a fervent sexual accomplice who knew how to ignite an all-consuming obsession she had no idea she carried deep within her. Bess had always wondered what happened to Nick after that summer. And now, back at the beach house and taking a break from responsibility, from marriage, from life, she discovers his heartbreaking fate—and why he never came back for her. Suddenly Nick's name is on her lips...his hands on her thighs... dark hair and eyes called back from the swirling gray of purgatory's depths.

147) One More Kiss- Katherine Garbera

Since her divorce, cupcake queen Alysse Dresden prefers baking to boys...until a phone order from a sexy-voiced stranger melts her insides like butter. It isn't until Alysse makes the delivery that she realises - there's only been one man whose voice had such an effect: her mysterious, gorgeous ex-husband...

148) Royally Romanced- Marie Donovan

Once upon a time, there lived an overworked prince named Giorgio Di Leone. So, when his little sister announces she's getting married, he flies to the enchanted kingdom of New York. There he meets Renata Pavoni, but can a normal gal find a “sexily ever after” with a real prince?

149) Lying in Bed -Jo Leigh

To find a blackmailer, FBI agent Ryan Vail is going undercover as part of a “couple” at an intimacy retreat. But when Ryan meets his “wife” he knows he's in big trouble - this investigation looks set to be one irresistible temptation!

150) Relentless Seduction- Jillian Burns

Unrestrained. Unrelenting. And completely undressed! When microbiologist Claire Brookes' best friend disappears in New Orleans, she's determined to find her. Her only lead is a bar called Once Bitten - a haven for the dark and vampire-obsessed. While Claire generally prefers science nerds there's something about the bar's tall, dark and delish bartender... Bar owner Rafe Moreau is sure that there's more to Claire than frumpy clothes. And as they delve further into the seedy underworld of the Big Easy, Claire and Rafe turn to each other, discovering a sizzling hunger that won't be satisfied. But will one taste be enough?

151) The Risk-Taker- Kira Sinclair

All returned POW Gage Harper wants to do is forget. He certainly doesn't want to tell the tale of his heroism to the tabloids, not even to Hope Rawlings - the only girl Gage has never been able to resist. But Hope needs his story to get her dream job - and she's willing to do anything to get it...

152) The Wedding Fling -Meg Maguire

Inside the Runaway Bride's Secret Rendezvous! It's been a busy week for Leigh Bailey. The stunning starlet reportedly ditched her cheating groom on her wedding day, and ran off to enjoy a honeymoon-for-one at a secluded tropical island. But rumour has it that she's not alone... And we have the exclusive scoop on Leigh's hideout - right from the delicious man she's been fooling around with! Resort pilot Will Burgess was going to give us the basics. But we never anticipated our insider getting up-close, and very, very personal. It's the most salacious celebrity story of the year... don't miss out!

153) His Hidden American Beauty- Connie Cox

Making Annalise smile... Cruise ship doctor Annalise Walcott travels from port to port with no ties to anyone; relationships cause nothing but heartache. So when Greek god Niko Christopoulos catches her eye she's determined to steer clear! Dynamic doc Niko is on board for some R&R. The ‘R' might not stand for Romance, but a summer fling could be the perfect distraction. Annalise plays it cool on the surface, but Niko will enjoy discovering her hidden depths and awakening the beautiful woman beneath...

154) The Prince Who Charmed Her- Fiona McArthur

His princess in scrubs... Dr Kiki Fender knew that Prince Stefano of Aspelicus was not the man who would give her a happy-ever-after when he disappeared after their whirlwind affair. Even if she was the only woman who had infiltrated the steely barriers around his proud and dutiful heart. But now they are doctors working together aboard a cruise ship, and Stefano realises there's one duty that has completely eluded him - his duty to himself. If he wants Kiki to be his princess, he's got to prove that he's her Prince Charming after all...

155) NYC Angels: Heiress's Baby Scandal - Janice Lynn

When gossip headlines announce that reluctant socialite Eleanor Aston is in a ‘relationship' with smooth-talking Texan Tyler Donaldson, for one glorious night this fake fling becomes fact, not fiction! Devoted nurse Eleanor knows she's in over her head with neo-natal doc Ty - and that's before the paparazzi discover her baby bombshell!

156) NYC Angels: Redeeming The Playboy- Carol Marinelli

Head paediatrician Jack Carter may be the king of emotional detachment, but working with psychologist Nina Wilson tests his iron control to the limit! When a heart-wrenching case throws them together, legendary bachelor Jack soon finds that he's getting closer to his colleague than his cool, detached persona would like...

157)St Piran's: The Wedding! - Alison Roberts
The last thing Dr Megan Phillips did before leaving St Piran's was to save the lives of tiny twins: the babies of the man she loved - with whom a future was impossible. Now Megan's back, turning single father Josh O'Hara's world on its head...again! But is forgiveness really possible? Will St Piran's ever really see the wedding they've been waiting for?

158) Sydney Harbour Hospital: Evie's Bombshell -Amy Andrews
The only way Evie Lockheart could say goodbye to Dr Finn Kennedy was by allowing herself to surrender one more time to temptation. Admitting out loud she felt more for the guarded surgeon was never an option. Then a bombshell rocks Evie to her very core. Now she must tell the man whose delectable smile haunts her dreams that this time she will not let him walk away.

159) Sleeping with the Soldier by Charlotte Phillips
A sleepless night too many!

All Lara Connor knows about the hot-as-sin guy who lives above her is that his nocturnal activities are keeping her awake. A lot. Fed up—and not at all jealous!—she decides to confront the man head-on. Big mistake! Because, face-to-face, Lara sees just why so many women fall into Alex's bed!

Nights have been sheer torture for ex-soldier Alex ever since he returned from active duty, but he's not about to share that with Lara. But when she becomes his unexpected flatmate, temptation personified is sleeping in the room next door, and keeping his distance is going to be difficult. Impossible. In fact…it's the perfect opportunity to show her just why sleep is so overrated…

160) Backstage with Her Ex by Louisa George

Her ex…the VIP!

Hiding out in the gents' toilets backstage is not the way Sasha imagined bumping into her significant ex. Especially when that ex is notoriously damaged, famously wild rock god Nate Munro! She has a massive favor to ask him, but one glimpse of his sinfully dark eyes and all she can think about is that he's seen her naked!

Nate's used to women doing anything to get his attention, but he never pictured bubbly schoolteacher Sasha as the groupie type—she's far too sweet! But when the paparazzi get a hint of their reunion, it's scandal all the way. Now the question on everyone's lips is this: In this showdown between the girl next door and rock-and-roll royalty, who's going to come out on top?

161) Dressed to Thrill by Bella Frances
Fashion designer Tara Devine is the poster girl for behaving badly. It's a total sham, but she's always pulled it off…until Michael Cruz saunters into her life, threatening to upturn everything!

It's bad girl versus bad boy—and if she's honest, Michael puts her efforts to shame! But one wild night later Tara realizes that Michael's bed is the only place she hasn't faked it in years and the battle lines are drawn! Because Michael might have gotten under her clothes, but anywhere near her heart? Not likely!

162) Driving Her Crazy by Amy Andrews
Journalist Sadie Bliss is on a mission to prove herself as a world-class reporter.

But three things stand in her way…

1. Dangerously mouthwatering photographer Kent Nelson—he's far too brooding and arrogant.

2. A road trip across the Outback with the above distraction—did she mention she doesn't do sleeping under the stars?

3. An insatiable longing to throw her rule book out of the car window… Because what happens in the Outback stays in the Outback. Right?

163) Falling for Her Rival by Jackie Braun
For chef Finn Westbrook, it's time to turn up the heat. Three years ago he hit rock bottom. Now he's ready for a comeback, starting with winning a TV competition to secure a spot running New York's trendiest kitchen! He just didn't count on his attraction to rival Lara Dunham burning a hole in his plans….

Lara has worked her apron off for this opportunity, and total focus on the competition was the plan—which is difficult when all she can think about is wanting her opponent out of the kitchen and in her bed! But there can only be one winner, and sometimes, to win, a girl has to play dirty!

164) After the Party by Jackie Braun
In her socialite days, Ella Sanborn was the life and soul of every party! Now she's on the other side of the invitation, determined to become New York's premiere events planner if it kills her! Which working with straight-laced new client Chase Trumbull could well do….

Chase has been too busy saving his family's business to enjoy much recently. He might have agreed to throw a themed party, but that doesn't mean he's off duty just yet! Until he meets Ella. Something about her tempts him to loosen his tie, take off his suit jacket and finally have some fun….

165) All's Fair in Lust & War by Amber Page
What happens in Vegas…is even hotter in New York!

After a fling in Vegas that was so wild even she can't believe it happened, copywriter Becky has finally gotten her mojo back. Time to get back to New York and win that promotion!

But things veer catastrophically off course when her new coworker Mark saunters in…and he's much too familiar. Even worse, Mark and Becky will be competing for the promotion—and he's just as good in the boardroom as he was in bed! So what's a girl to do when Mr. One Night becomes Mr. One-Desk-Away? Stand her ground, of course—if there's going to be a war, she's going to make sure she enjoys it!

166) Flirting with the Forbidden by Joss Wood
He can look…but he's not supposed to touch!

Bodyguard Noah Fraser hasn't seen diamond heiress Morgan Moreau for eight years—but the image of her naked body has been imprinted on his mind ever since! The sexy socialite was totally off-limits and it took every ounce of Noah's iron control to walk away….

Now he's been hired to protect her again, so picking up where they left off definitely isn't an option. But Noah's body doesn't seem to have got the memo—keeping his hands off Morgan is a 24/7 battle! And how can he resist the forbidden when giving in is so irresistbly tempting…?

167) Mr. (Not Quite) Perfect by Jessica Hart
What do women really want?

Journalist Allegra Fielding has a problem. She's pitched a story to her boss—how to transform a not-so-perfect man into Prince Charming—and now she has to deliver! But where is she going to find a man willing to take part in a makeover? Time to blackmail her roommate, Max….

But Allegra's cunning plan backfires spectacularly when Max refuses to be "perfected"! He's a guy who knows what he likes, and he's going to enjoy proving to Allegra that there's nothing hotter than a man who's a little rough around the edges….

168) Girl Least Likely to Marry by Amy Andrews
Samuel Tucker is absolutely the last person scientist Cassie Barclay would ever date. Yes, he's gorgeous, but he's also far too cocky for his own good and thinks that Pi is a tasty afternoon treat. So when he asks her to dance at her friend Reese's non-wedding she's wondering why on earth she says yes!

Tuck is used to people assuming he's all brawn and no brain, and amuses himself by winding Cassie up. But when he finally takes her to bed, suddenly it's Tuck who can show Cassie a thing or two! Can he convince her that love and sex have nothing to do with logic and everything to do with chemistry?

169) No Time like Mardi Gras by Kimberly Lang
A scandalous night—and no one will ever know!

Mardi Gras might be the best party in the world, but Jamie Vincent is spending it third-wheeling with her new roommate. So when gorgeous stranger Colin Raine offers to show her around, how can she say no?

Soon Jamie's seduced by the hedonistic carnival—and her delicious tour guide! Technically she's sworn off men, but for one night only, they can go crazy and no one will ever know….

Until everyone in New Orleans finds out! Now that Jamie's secret is out, it looks like what happened at Mardi Gras might not stay at Mardi Gras, after all….

170) It Was Only a Kiss by Joss Wood
For driven businessman Luke Savage success is the only option. So when gorgeous marketing intern Jess Sherwood waltzes into his office and casually informs him that his newly inherited vineyard has an image problem he's outraged! She's naive, overly ambitious, a know-it-all… And all Luke can do to stop her talking is kiss her senseless.

Eight years later the vineyard needs a boost—and Luke needs a hip new marketing strategy to save it. Jess may drive him crazy but she's the right woman for the job. Their only problem is how to keep their minds on work and off that kiss!

171) Her Deal with the Devil by Nicola Marsh
Patrick Fourde was once famed for the trail of broken hearts and rumpled bedsheets he left behind him. Now the fashion house CEO is determined to make his name known for the right reasons. First challenge? Getting Sapphire Seaborn, Melbourne's Queen of Jewelry, onside.

Sapphie has sacrificed everything for her jewelry business and very nearly lost it all. She hates that to rescue it she needs to work alongside her nemesis—Patrick!

It was supposed to be business only, but Sapphie quickly realizes that when you make a deal with a devil this scorching, someone's going to get burned…

172) Bride for a Knight by Margaret Moore
After glimpsing a softer side to the stern Sir Roland of Dunborough, Mavis of DeLac is filled with hope for their arranged marriage. So when the wedding night explodes with an exquisite passion, she dares to dream that their newfound bliss will last forever.

But the following morning, convinced he could never make this beautiful woman truly happy, Roland becomes cold and aloof once again. And as the newlyweds journey across England to protect Roland's birthright, it's up to Mavis to prove him wrong—and unlock the compassion this noble knight has buried deep inside.

173) Strangers at the Altar by Marguerite Kaye
For penniless widow Ainsley McBrayne, marriage is the only solution. She's vulnerable yet fiercely independent, so shackling herself to another man seems horrifying! Until handsome stranger Innes Drummond tempts Ainsley to become his temporary wife.

Once married, Ainsley hardly recognizes the rugged Highlander Innes transforms into! He sets her long-dormant pulse racing, and she's soon craving the enticing delights of their marriage bed. She has until Hogmanay to show Innes that their fake marriage could be for real…

174) Captured Countess by Ann Lethbridge
Never trust a spy!

Nicoletta, the Countess Vilandry, is on a dangerous mission—to lure fellow spy Gabriel D'Arcy into bed and into revealing his true loyalties. With such sensual games at play and such strong sensations awakened, suddenly Nicky's dangerously close to exposing her real identity.

Gabe knows that the countess has been sent to seduce him. The only question is to what end? He's never met such a captivating woman—and he's determined to enjoy every seductive second she spends as his very willing captive!

175) Darian Hunter: Duke of Desire by Carole Mortimer
The Players:

Darian Hunter, Duke of Wolfingham: legendary rake and notorious bachelor

Mariah Beecham, Countess of Carlisle: society's scandalous widow and secret agent of the crown

The Stage:

A notoriously debauched house party

The Scene:

Forced to pose as lovers, Darian and Mariah must work together to stop an assassination plot

The Twist:

As the shocking and oh-so-sensual games play out around them, the romantic ruse becomes all too real. And the tantalizing temptation to indulge their every desire becomes overwhelming…

Dangerous Dukes

Rakes about town

176) The Rake's Bargain by Lucy Ashford
Deborah O'Hara loves her life, leading her troupe of actors. But when she becomes entangled in a web of secrets spun by the rakishly handsome Damian Beaumaris, Duke of Cirencester, she is forced to play the hardest role of her life: that of the stunning but disloyal Paulette, the duke's widowed sister-in-law.

To regain the honor of his family, Beau needs Deb's help. But despite his intentions to let nothing distract him from his plan, he doesn't bargain on the forbidden sparks that fly with his beautiful leading lady….

177) Rake Beyond Redemption by Anne O'Brien
Reckless rogue or man of honour? Riding on a Sussex beach, Alexander Ellerdine fights through the waves to rescue a young lady trapped by the tide. He’s instantly captivated by her beautiful face and dauntless spirit—but as a smuggler with a tarnished reputation Zan has nothing to offer a woman such as her. Marie-Claude is determined to unravel the mystery of her brooding rescuer. His passionate kisses are as dangerous as his reputation. The integrity in his eyes indicates he’s a gentleman…but the secrets and rumours say that he’s a rake beyond redemption…

178) The Virtuous Courtesan by Mary Brendan
Inherited: one mistress!

Gavin Stone discovers on his brother’s death that, to inherit his estate, he must also take on his mistress! Gavin never thought that claiming his inheritance could be so pleasurable…Sarah is horrified—she never thought she would be passed on as if she were a chattel—but what choice does she have? And Gavin will expect a practised seducer when, in reality, she is as unschooled as a debutante! But just maybe an innocent courtesan is what it will take to thaw this rake’s heart…

179) Winning the War Hero's Heart by Mary Nichols

Recently returned from the battlefields of Waterloo, the last thing wounded war hero Viscount Cavenham anticipates is a conflict in his home town! But that is exactly what Miles gets when he comes up against rebellious campaigner for justice and equality Helen Wayland. At first Miles relishes having headstrong, outspoken Helen as his foe, but as they continue to cross swords their animosity turns to attraction. Suddenly Miles finds he no longer wants Helen as his enemy—he’d like to make this unsuitable miss his wife!

180) Bachelor Duke by Mary Nichols

Left orphaned and destitute, Miss Sophie Langford had no choice but to throw herself on the mercy of her mother's family, namely the Duke of Belfont. But instead of the elderly gentleman she had envisaged, she was confronted by the fifth duke, James, a most eligible bachelor.

The presence of Sophie's widowed sister enabled James to take Sophie into his household, although he little guessed what he had let himself in for. Sophie was quite unlike any other lady of his acquaintance--she certainly had no hesitation about speaking her mind! So why did he find her so damnably attractive?

181) His Counterfeit Condesa by Joanna Fulford

Major Robert Falconbridge does not approve of Wellington sending a woman on a perilous mission across French-occupied Spain, but he can see that Miss Sabrina Huntley is no ordinary miss! The marriage-shy major and the English rose must pose as the Conde and Condesa de Ordoñez, travelling to a high society ball, and soon Falconbridge doesn’t know what is more dangerous—the menacing shadow of French patrols, or the sensual torment of sharing a room with this tantalising beauty…

182) The Bride Wore Scandal by Helen Dickson
Virgin Lady…
From the moment Christina Atherton first saw the notorious Lord Rockley she couldn’t control her blushes. She knew she could not hold out for long against his dark and seductive ways.

…Scandalously Pregnant!
Lord Rockley only meant to protect Christina from a dangerous highwayman, but she was oh so beguiling. And when Christina discovered that she was expecting, Lord Rockley knew of just one way to restore her virtue. He must make Christina his bride…before scandal ruined them both!

183) Hostage Bride by Anne Herries

Raphael’s heart is thought to be in the grave with his late wife. He’s certainly thankful for the mission to restore King Richard to the throne; it leaves him with no time for distraction. Lady Rosamunde Meldreth is beautiful, vulnerable, and the prey of a dangerous man. As much as Raphael wants to walk away, he’s forced to keep Rosamunde under lock and key in his castle. Raphael’s interest in Rosamunde seems to be purely one of possession—but then she discovers the dark knight wants to make her his hostage bride…

184) Her Battle-Scarred Knight by Meriel Fuller
When he returns from the Crusades, battle-scarred and tortured by painful memories, it is only Count Giseux de St-Loup’s code of chivalry that sees him escorting a sharp-tongued spitfire of a lady on a quest to help her injured brother.

The beautiful Lady Brianna is fiercely independent, and finds his powerful presence disturbing. As the danger surrounding her grows deeper, Giseux is forced to extend his protection further than either of them ever wanted it to go…

185) Slave Princess by Juliet Landon

For ex-cavalry officer Quintus Tiberius Martial duty always comes first. His task to escort the Roman emperor’s latest captive should be easy. But one look at his fiery slave and Quintus wants to put his own desires before everything else…For Princess Brighid, her powerful, battle-honed captor has her head in conflict with her heart. Bound by a new-found bondage of emotions, it’s not long before Brighid wonders whether she wants to come out of this perilous journey to Aquae Sulis with her virtue intact…!

186) The Pirate's Willing Captive by Anne Herries
Kept for the pirate’s pleasure!

Instinct told her that Captain Justin Sylvester was a man she could trust. But how could this pirate, who had just stormed her ship, be a true man of honour? Captive on the high seas, with nowhere to run, curiously Maribel Sanchez had never felt more free. If she returned to rigid society she’d become an old man’s unwilling wife. If she stayed with Justin he’d made it abundantly clear she would become his more than willing mistress…

187) Mistress Below Deck by Helen Dickson
Kidnap, deception…and forbidden desire

Tobias Searle’s ship is no place for a lady—especially one as wilful and spirited as Miss Rowena Golding. Tobias is chasing pirates, she her kidnapped sister—and the price to board his ship is one night in his bed! Rowena despises Tobias’s arrogance, is immune to his lethal charm, and certainly doesn’t quiver at his touch…her stubbornness wouldn’t allow it! But she’s boarding that ship come what may. Masquerading as a cabin boy, she’s prepared for the dangers of the high seas…but is she prepared for the notorious Tobias Searle?

188) The Eligible Suspect by Jennifer Morey
Nothing is as lethal as an Ivy in the winter.

Letting a stranger into her secluded home in the wilderness may be loner Savanna Ivy's biggest mistake. But tall, sexy Korbin Maguire was stranded in a blizzard, and Savanna can't resist his charm despite his shady past and secretive manner.

A stunning, independent artist from a famous Hollywood family, Savanna has always fallen for—then been hurt by—bad boys. And Korbin is definitely a bad boy…albeit an innocent one. Framed for two murders, he has a gunman in hot pursuit and a sizzling passion for Savanna. But can she exonerate Korbin before it's too late?

189) Lethal Lies by Lara Lacombe
Trusting the man she loves could cost her her life

Putting her faith in someone who lies for a living isn't the safest thing Dr. Jillian Mahoney has ever done. But to stay alive, she has to believe the undercover agent—who's kidnapped her to prove his innocence—isn't a traitor to the FBI. And to help him, she must deny their intense attraction as they run from two vengeful killers.

Her captor, Alex Malcom, has lived a life of lies—some worse than others. Still, there's one truth he's reluctant to disclose to Jillian, the woman of his dreams. One that could stop their relationship cold.

190) Lone Star Survivor by Colleen Thompson
A soldier's memories are more dangerous than anything he's encountered in the line of duty

"Killed in action" a year ago, US Army captain Ian Rayford shocks everyone when he stumbles half-dead onto his family's Texas ranch. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Ian can barely remember his relatives. His former fiancée, a psychologist specializing in PTSD, arrives to help Ian recover. But not everyone wants her to unearth the dangerous secrets he's carrying.

Now engaged to another man, Dr. Andrea Warrington fights her feelings for Ian even as she helps him remember how much they once loved each other. Yet the closer Ian gets to his past, the more someone else has to ensure the treacherous truth stays buried.

191) High-Stakes Bachelor by Cindy Dees
Wannabe stuntwoman Ana Izzolo can't believe she's landed a starring role in actor-producer Jackson Prescott's new film. A plain-Jane nobody and a megastar? Their on-screen chemistry is electric, burning up the celluloid…but offscreen, Ana is stalked by danger.

Like a true Hollywood hero, Jackson whisks her to his oceanfront mansion, practicing love scenes while keeping her safe. But when their real-life relationship starts mirroring the movie's leading couple, the confirmed bachelor fears he may fall for the doe-eyed ingenue. If the stalker doesn't get her first…

192) Designated Target by Karen Anders
Criminals want her mind… Her protector wants her love.

Special agent Vincent Fitzgerald's mission is to find missing naval scientist Dr. Skylar Baang. The brilliant Filipino American beauty has been kidnapped for her knowledge and research on top secret projects. But even after Vin rescues her from a dangerous group, he knows they'll be back.

A long-ago promise has kept Skylar committed to her work—love is a distraction she's never allowed herself. Now in the protective custody of a complicated NCIS agent who surprises her at every turn, Skylar wants to stop thinking and start feeling. But as the thugs come after her, she'll need everything she is—and smart, sexy Vin—to stay alive.

193) The Agent's Surrender by Kimberly Van Meter
Rival agents uncover a monstrous conspiracy

From the moment they met, sparks had flown…and not the good kind. Agent Jane Fallon would rather chew nails than work with arrogant—and much too good-looking—Holden Archangelo. But, convinced his brother was no traitor, Holden had Jane's investigation reopened. And now Jane is forced to partner with him.

As new leads come to light, Jane's certainty about the case is shaken. But the assassin's bullet whizzing past her head convinces her they are onto something. Jane's determined to keep things professional, but as the danger around them intensifies, so does the fierce attraction they try so hard to deny….

194) Under the Sheik's Protection by C.J. Miller
After an uncharacteristic night of passion, event coordinator Sarah Parker learns her mystery lover is Sheik Saafir, her new client—and the target of an assassination plot. But the darkly handsome royal has an appeal the sensible Sarah can't ignore, even when she's caught in the cross fire.

Honor bound, Saafir has agreed to an arranged marriage to unite the feuding factions in his country…and then he kisses the surprising American. Now, dodging bullets is nowhere near as dangerous as the attraction that puts his sense of duty at war with his heart. But can he walk away from Sarah even to save his life…and hers?

195) Deadly Allure by Elle James
An ex-military man relies on the skills he's never forgotten…

When former special ops soldier Dave Logsdon nearly hits a beautiful motorcyclist in the thick Oregon fog, nicknamed the Devil's Shroud, he never expects to be thrown back into a world of espionage, deceit and danger. But secret agent Nicole Steele is desperate for an out-of-the-way place to hide, and Dave's run-down yacht is the perfect spot. The emotionally wounded warrior is powerless to deny her request…and his rising desire for her.

Nicole must decrypt the database she's stolen before it's too late. She soon learns the threat is bigger than she could ever imagine and U.S. national security is at stake. Will her unexpected bond with Dave survive once the enemy's identity is finally uncovered?

196) Witness Protection by Barb Han
How far will U.S. Marshal Nick Campbell go to protect his innocent witness?

US marshal Nick Campbell's life is a lie. But when a devastating explosion nearly kills Sadie Brooks, the one woman who can put away a murderer, only the truth will keep her alive. Revealing his secrets connects Nick to Sadie in ways he never expected…and unleashes an attraction he can't ignore.

Minute by minute, they race closer to justice but sink deeper into the crosshairs of a deadly criminal ring. To protect his witness, Nick has to gain her trust. But once he tastes the temptation of Sadie, he's torn between breaking every boundary for a life with her…or breaking her heart and letting her go.

197) Pinups and Possibilities by Melinda Di Lorenzo
A reluctant stripper and a damaged bounty hunter lay bare a tale of stolen lives, secret shames and the powerful criminal behind their every shattered dream.

For just one night I needed to turn off the dread I felt every day. I needed to forget that despite every carefully planned escape, my past was waiting to tap me on the shoulder and steal away everything I cared about. I wanted this man. It was passionate. It was perfect. It was the beginning of the end.

I don’t get involved. I don't get personal. I get a name and last-known whereabouts, and I get the job done. This assignment was no different. Find and identify the target. Collect and deliver the target. But the woman calling herself Polly was a revelation—in every way. My boss always got what he wanted. Until now.

198) Her Unforgettable Royal Lover by Merline Lovelace
Undercover agent Dominic St. Sebastian never expected to be dubbed a duke. The resulting media frenzy puts his name in the headlines and his undercover career on hold. And it's all the fault of his cousin's dowdy research assistant Natalie Clark, who dug up the information…then showed up on Dom's doorstep with a case of amnesia!

So why is Dom suddenly finding her so unforgettable? Could it be that Natalie isn't what she seems? One thing's certain: their undeniable magnetism is about to take them on a royally wild ride!

199) The Secret Affair by Brenda Jackson
It has been a year since Jillian Novak ended their affair—a year that left Dr. Aidan Westmoreland determined to win back his lover. He knows they shouldn't have to keep their relationship a secret and he'll follow her around the world to prove it. Fourteen days on a cruise ship—just Aidan, Jillian and the deep blue sea…and a passion that won't be denied.

200) Sheltered by the Millionaire by Catherine Mann
Texas tycoon Whit Daltry has always been a thorn in Megan Maguire's side, especially when he tries to put the kibosh on her animal shelter. But when he saves her daughter during the worst tornado in recent memory, Megan sees beneath his prickly exterior to the hero underneath. Soon, the storm's recovery makes bedfellows of these opposites. Until Megan's old reflexes kick in—should she brace for betrayal or say yes to Whit once and for all?

201) Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant - Sarah Morgan

"He's scarred, sexy and unashamedly Sicilian..."Silvio Brianza dragged himself out of the slums, but his scars run deep....

"She's defiant, desirable and utterly disobedient!"

Jessie still scrapes her living, scrubbing floors by day and singing in seedy bars by night.... Silvio had turned his back on that world, but now that he's found Jessie he's going to make her his!

Jessie may be powerless to resist Silvio's raw sexuality but no amount of dresses and diamonds can change their history. He's her enemy, he's shunned his past--he'll never love the street girl she is.

202) The Ice Prince - Sandra Marton

Too hot to handle? Prince Draco Valenti bears his title reluctantly, and wears his icy exterior like a suit of armour that no opponent can penetrate. Except Anna Orsini. She isn’t any ordinary adversary, she’s a high-flying, straight-talking lawyer in a no-nonsense suit and killer stilettos conflicting signals that perplex, frustrate and attract Draco all at the same time. Whilst they’re at odds in business, in the bedroom Draco’s desire for Anna has the power to melt his defences the temptation to play with fire is overwhelming.

203) Emergency: Wife Lost and Found - Carol Marinelli

Marriage reunited – in A&E!

Every emergency doctor dreaded recognising someone in Casualty – even cool-headed consultant James Morrell. But he was doubly shocked when the unconscious patient he was asked to treat was instantly familiar. It was his ex-wife!

Dr Lorna McClelland hated being ill, hated being stuck in a hospital bed, but above all she hated having to rely on James. Then, as she recovered, all the wonderful things about their marriage came flooding back…

204) A Royal World Apart - Maisey Yates

When duty wars with desire, which one wins?

With her life mapped out since birth, Princess Evangelina Drakos—known for her dramatic flair—hopes the minor scandal she plans to create will deter potential suitors.

Hired for Eva’s security, unemotional bodyguard Makhail Nabatov never makes a mistake—but the impulsive princess pushes his resolve to the limits. It’s not long, however, before the beautiful and imprisoned Eva entices him to leave his bonds of duty and honour behind.

Whilst their chemistry reaches fever-pitch, Makhail knows he knows he must deny his desire—for Eva is promised to another man…

205) For His Eyes Only - Liz Fielding

"It's your body that I want to draw, not your clothes."

Well, that's what she was afraid of! Hardworking estate agent Natasha Gordon finds her reputation in tatters when an ad she created gets bungled. She'll do anything to restore her good name—even beg seriously sexy artist Darius Hadley to give her another chance to sell his ancestral home. Only, he drives a hard bargain: Natasha must pose naked, for his eyes only…!

He's asking Natasha to take him on trust. But she's learned the hard way not to trust men—particularly those she's working with…and let alone men she's taking her clothes off for!

Darius's next outrageous statement? "I will, too—if it will make it easier for you.…"

206) A Very Private Revenge - Helen Brooks

An intimate vendetta!

Tamar had made it her business to find out all Jed Cannon's secrets. The notorious playboy had destroyed her cousin's happiness—and her reputation. Now Tamar was determined Jed must be made to pay. It was time to put her plan into action!

Tamar intended to play Jed at his own game: seduce him, then publicly jilt him! But the more she flirted with him, the more she realized Jed wasn't the ruthless man he seemed. Maybe it wasn't really revenge she wanted after all . .

207) Too Close for Comfort - Heidi Rice

Up close, and way too personal!

Breaking and entering is hardly her style, but Iona MacCabe needs her passport back from her ex’s motel room.

Jaded L.A. private investigator Zane Montoya is staking out a con man’s motel room when this pretty Scottish girl gets seriously in the way. For her own safety he’ll keep her under his very close protection.

Except independent, willful Iona is not best pleased to be rescue;even by someone as sexy as blue-eyed, gorgeous Zane! And when he discovers just how innocent she really is, suddenly their scorching attraction feels even more dangerous.

208) What His Money Can't Hide - Maggie Cox

The man with the golden touch Drake Ashton has defied his under-privileged, unloved upbringing to become a world-famous architect. With a house in Mayfair and a platinum card to buy anything he wants, his past is well and truly behind him. Until he’s called back home to revitalise his family’s ailing fortunes… Layla Jerome has been duped by the trappings of wealth before – a man with money isn’t enough to impress her! So when Drake strides into her small town like Midas himself she’s determined not to be branded by his touch. But when she’s faced with the sheer force of Drake, that’s more easily said than done…

209) Whose Bed Is It Anyway? - Natalie Anderson

"You’re wearing my T-shirt."

Returning home after a daring rescue mission, all James Wolfe can think of is sleep. So he’s furious to find a beautiful stranger curled up in his king-size bed! Normally no woman ever gets between his sheets without prior invitation—who does she think she is?

Disgraced celebrity Caitlin Moore has been offered a place to stay and she won’t give it up—not with the paparazzi outside, baying for her blood! Reluctantly she agrees to share the apartment with James—but, with enough electricity to short-circuit the whole of Manhattan, keeping to their own sides of the bed might prove impossible.…

210) The Odds Against - Margaret Pargeter

Ever since his fiancee Petula Hogan had walked out on him to marry someone else, Carl Elliott had been a changed man, bitter and suspicious of all women - and Gail, who had loved him for years, was very worried about him. Nevertheless, had she done the right thing in agreeing to marry him? It was obvious that, although he found her attractive - wanted her, in fact - Carl didn't love her; not only that, he would go running back to Petula if he ever got the chance! Could such a one-sided marriage possibly work?

211) The Talk of Hollywood - Carole Mortimer

Lights...From his latest sports car to his latest blonde, gossip surrounds infamous Hollywood actor and director Jaxon Wilder. Unnamed sources are speculating outrageously about an unknown beauty that Jaxon is determined to get to know...intimately! Camera...Except Stazy, infuriatingly, is nothing like Jaxon's usual conquests...To Jaxon's disgust she demands an equal stake in his project - they'll have to work side by side for months! Bedroom! Jaxon agrees to a professional partnership...knowing that, however hard Stazy tries to resist, eventually they'll tantalise the tabloids with a scandalous affair - on and off the red carpet!

212) Hired for the Boss's Bed (Taken by the Millionaire) - Robyn Grady

Working in Sydney's most dynamic advertising agency, Serena Stevens has just landed the agency's biggest account--this will make or break her career.... Serena's sexy boss, tycoon David Miles, may be all business in the boardroom, but soon he wants a little business in the bedroom!

One wild night later, Serena has to choose: career versus love, her dream job versus her hot boss! What's a girl to do?

213) Faking It to Making It - Ally Blake

A dilemma, a deal…a date!

Charmer Nate Mackenzie is in the middle of a plus-one dilemma for his friend's wedding. Any of his recent dates would start dreaming of a solitaire for their own left hand. Worse, going stag will leave him at the mercy of a setup by his ever-hopeful sisters.

Discovering that Saskia Bloom is doing online-dating research for a website, he strikes a deal. She'll take the research rather than a relationship and he'll get a fake date. There might be no shortage of sexual attraction between them—but as complete opposites, will they be at all convincing as a "happy couple"?

214) Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent - Jacqueline Baird

No woman has ever shunned wicked Italian tycoon Zac Delucca! But sweet, studious Sally is in a world of her own, looking after her sick mother. Little does she realize her unfocused disinterest is driving Zac's fury! Especially as her father is responsible for embezzling millions from his company.There's a debt to be paid. Zac will offer Sally an ultimatum--become his mistress on demand or risk ruin! He's confident she'll make the right choice....

215) Surf, Sea And A Sexy Stranger - Heidi Rice

Honed, handsome, and needing the kiss of life! Millionaire entrepreneur Ryan King is mortified: he's just been pulled from the ocean by a pretty female lifeguard! Why, after months recovering from a horrific motorbike accident, did he get back on his surfboard? For the same reason he wants a hot, wild woman back in his bed - to prove he's the same man he was before...Maddy is shocked to find that this half-drowned, totally gorgeous surfer has her body humming! She always ends up getting used - maybe this time it's her turn to do the using? It's the short, sizzling affair they both need - until their dangerously addictive liaison careers out of control..

216) Night Fever - Diana Palmer

Rebecca Cullen has her hands full raising her teenage brothers, running a farm, and earning a living. When one of her brothers is arrested, she has no choice but to appeal to D.A. Rourke Kilpatrick. Can she really trust her heart to a man who has the power to destroy her?

217) The Socialite and the Cattle King - Lindsay Armstrong

The awakening of Miss Prim...Prim and proper socialite-turned-journalist Holly Harding is looking for her first big scoop. And what better topic than the infamous cattle king Brett Wyndham? But when Holly meets Brett she notices something inherently dangerous about the enigmatic billionaire, and she quickly finds her professional no-nonsense attitude slipping! When their plane crashes in the middle of the Outback she is forced to rely on Brett for protection. How long can inexperienced Holly deny their sizzling attraction...?

218) Secret Soldier - Dana Marton

A member of the elite Special Designation Defense Unit, Jack "Spike" Logan had only days to stop a bomb-wielding terrorist, but first he had to secretly recruit an academic lost in the sands of the Middle East. Dr. Abigail DiMatteo was key to the mission, and Spike would do anything for his country -- even marry her to keep his cover.

Plagued by desert bandits and a scorching sexual attraction, Spike and Abigail had more than their hearts at stake. The bomb was still missing, its clock was ticking...and this marriage born out of desperation had taken an unexpectedly explosive turn for the passionate!

219) Undercover Babies - Alice Sharpe

Mills & Boon Intrigue series brings you stories filled with secrets & seduction...IN SEARCH OF HER PAST

Stumbling upon a beautiful woman with no memory of her past and a tan too fresh to make her an Indiana native, ex-cop Travis ?Mac? MacBeth quickly learned a significant fact about the woman he'd dubbed Grace: she'd recently had a baby. As Grace clung desperately to the hope that her child was safe, Mac uncovered a vital clue that propelled them on a cross-country road trip. Before long, between their forced proximity and the danger of an unknown assailant hot on their trail, Mac was drawn to this stranger as he'd been to no other. And although Grace might never remember her past, would she let Mac help her enjoy her future?

220) The Highlander's Redemption - Marguerite Kaye

RELUCTANT SAVIOUR… WILLING SEDUCER On her first night in Scotland, Madeleine Lafayette is rescued from danger by brooding Highlander Calumn Munro… Why Calumn agrees to take Madeleine under his protection, he doesn’t know – the unconquerable demons of his warrior past are burden enough without adding the demands of one bewitchingly brave Frenchwoman! Yet her innocence soothes the jagged edges of his soul, and her beauty fires his blood… He might be her reluctant saviour, but he’ll be her willing seducer… Highland Brides Warriors take a wife!

221) The Highlander's Return - Marguerite Kaye

RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL HIGHLANDER! Banished for daring to court the laird’s daughter, Ailsa, it’s been six long years since Alasdhair Ross set foot on Munro land. Gone is the rebellious youth – years of hard work have shaped Alasdhair into a fiercely intense man, one set on returning to his homeland and claiming what’s rightfully his… Bitter experience has taught Ailsa Munro that her exuberant wilfulness gets her into trouble. But one glimpse of Alasdhair’s sinful eyes – and the once-experienced-never-forgotten pleasure they promise – and Ailsa knows a reckoning is irresistibly inevitable… Highland Brides Warriors take a wife!

222) Bollywood Comes to The Chatsfield - Tara Pammi,

Tanya Singh's work as a chauffeur is her saving grace after a truly tough year...until she finds herself driving a Bollywood superstar! John Patel's even more gorgeous in real life, but can this arrogant actor make her love again?

223) In Room 732: Bridesmaid with Benefits - Amy Andrews

Johanna Windsor's one rule is: not to sleep with Ed Garrison. Yes, he's hot, but falling into bed with him after every wedding must stop! But when sees a new side to him, she decides that some rules are made to be broken!

224) In The Sports Star at The Chatsfield - Melanie Milburne

Alice Hammond's birthday goes from bad to worse when Angus, a gorgeous top footballer, starts teasing her at the Chatsfield bar! Her sweeping exit would be effective...if they hadn't accidently switched phones! Will tracking him down lead to a birthday surprise?

225) In The Real Adam Brightman - Roz Fayrer

International media mogul Adam Brightman puts away his playboy facade and drowns his painful past in whiskey--like he does every year on this night. Except this time Talia is determined to make him face his demons.

226) The Real Rio L’Aquila - Sandra Marton

Italian by birth, this street urchin lived a life of extreme poverty until he escaped to Brazil - where he cast off his roots, took a new name, and pulled himself up from the streets.

Now Rio D'Aquila is beyond wealthy, with a reputation for being uncompromising in business . . . and incomparable in bed! But on meeting vulnerable Isabella Orsini he feels something deep within him stir, and he finds himself pretending to be that long-fogotten man.

Passion flares and their affair spirals, but Isabella still doesn't know that her lover has lied to her. Who is the real Rio D'Aquila?

227) A Devil In Disguise (The Vila Group) - Caitlin Crews

Playing with fire!

Drusilla Bennett's job from hell will soon be over. Ready to take her life back and walk away from the devil - currently disguised as her boss - Dru plucks up the courage to say 'I quit!'

Nothing has ever taken Cayo Vila by surprise - until now. And the word 'no' just isn't part of his vocabulary. So a resignation from the best PA he's ever had is simply unacceptable.

Dru's heard all about his legendary charm, but now that it's turned on her she understands exactly why it's so hard to say no to Cayo Vila!


Subject: Lt. Commander Mitch "Irish" Donovan
His Mission: Babysit a fitness queen with a hands-on approach!
Navy SEAL Mitch Donovan always plays to win. The push-up contest at the Halloween party should have been a piece of cake. Except that the cake in question is a hot woman dressed as a delicious dessert. Now the only exercise on Mitch's mind is restraint…
Livi Kane may be The Body Babe, but she has zero confidence. This hunky SEAL, however, makes her forget everything—except for a workout involving his hot, naked bod and a whole lot of sexy, sweaty delight. But Mitch has his secrets—and Livi certainly has hers. All it will take is one unexpected encounter to turn this steamy attraction into an even bigger secret that will start showing any day now…

229) Rock Solid - Samantha Hunter

Opposites ignite…
Champion stock car driver Brody Palmer's bad-boy reputation has forced him into early retirement. What no one knows is that his "retirement" is actually a publicity stunt. All Brody has to do is clean up his act and settle down. Unfortunately, every single woman with a pulse is now gunning to become the new Mrs. Palmer.
Hannah Morgan needs to shake things up, and Brody is the best way to do just that. So they strike a deal—a fake relationship…with all of the sexy strings included! Brody gets his improved image, and Hannah gets a whole lot more of Brody's unpredictable wildness. Hot days, hotter nights—it's the perfect plan! Provided, of course, they don't do something to wreck it, like fall for each other…

230) Wound Up - Kelli Ireland

Temptation 101…
Newly crowned psychologist Justin Maxwell is celebrating his last night as a stripper before he starts his career. Then he spies her in the audience—Grace Cooper. He’s wanted her for years, but as his student, she’d been off-limits. Now Justin has only one goal: sweet, irresistible seduction.
Grace is through skirting around her fierce attraction to Justin. She’s leaving Seattle in two weeks, so why not allow herself one mind-meltingly hot night with Justin? But no pleasure comes without cost. And indulging in their insatiable desire for each other could cost both of them their futures…

231) LETTING GO - Megan Hart

Colleen goes to the same bar every night and orders the same drink: a whiskey, neat. She doesn't drink it, though. Jesse the bartender notices the beautiful, sad woman who keeps to herself. Until one night when she lets go and lets him in.
And after that, Jesse has only one mission -- to show her one night is only the beginning...

232) SEIZE THE NIGHT - Tiffany Reisz
Five years ago, a night of forbidden passion between Remi and Julien, the heirs of two powerful and competitive horse-racing families, led to a feud that is threatening to ruin both farms.
Now Remi must find Julien again -- but when she does, her need for Julien is just as strong and just as forbidden...

233) Craving the Rake's Touch - Bronwyn Scott

London, 1836
Lady Sarah Dryden once dreamed of marrying for love. But with the threat of scandal looming over her whole family, she must secure a wealthy husband—and quickly! If only her heart didn’t already belong to the irresistibly tempting, and entirely unsuitable, Benedict DeBreed…
Despite his well-deserved reputation as one of London’s most notorious rakes, Benedict wants nothing more than to claim Sarah as his bride. And before he loses her to another in a loveless marriage, he’ll use his legendary powers of seduction to show her exactly what she could expect with him as a husband!

234) Never Tempt a Lawman - Lauri Robinson

Western Kansas, 1866
Steady, wealthy and oh-so-safe—that's the kind of husband Bess Trundale wants. Someone like the local banker's son. Someone unlike Sheriff Kirk Landers. The lawman's confident swagger gets right under her skin…and into her fantasies. And though she's tried to ignore the chemistry surging between them, one night is about to change everything.
Kirk isn't planning on being anyone's husband ever again. But months of living under the same boardinghouse roof as quick-witted, feisty Bess have stirred desires he can't ignore. Together they could put their pasts to rest and claim a bold, passionate future—if he can tempt her to break all the rules with him….

235) His Abductor's Desire - Harper St. George

Montana Territory, 1887
Heiress-turned-outlaw Charity Blake is determined to get back the fortune the Davenport banking family took from her father—even if she has to hold Brent Davenport ransom to do it! After all, the seductive charmer stole something even more valuable from her five years ago: her heart. But once she has Brent in chains, Charity must face the fact that her desire for the man has grown from the sweet dreams of a young girl to the unquenchable passion of a woman. And soon it's not clear whether she's the captor, or the captive….

236) An Officer But No Gentleman - Bronwyn Scott

London, 1839
Ex-cavalry officer Captain Grahame Westmore is restless for change, but escorting a diplomat’s spoiled daughter to Vienna isn’t what he had in mind—though for once he hasn’t been hired for his skills in pleasuring women! Independent, fiery and strong-willed, Elowyn Bagshaw is not the simpering lady he expected. Used to getting her own way and giving the orders, Elowyn will not be controlled so easily. Grahame soon realizes that he’s got a fight on his hands—and it’s one they’re both going to enjoy!
Rakes Who Make Husbands Jealous
Only London's best lovers need apply


Summoned to Rome for her skills as an apothecary, Bella has already had more than enough of the wickedly decadent papal court. Though protected—for now—by the powerful Borgia family, she knows her very life depends on accomplishing the task she has been set. But perhaps the greatest danger Bella faces is her own desire for the darkly seductive Marco Corelli, better known as the Rogue Assassin. And when she is implicated in a deadly plot, can she trust her lover with her secrets—or her heart?

238) The Best Catch in Texas - Stella Bagwell

They said he had striking looks…and Nicolette Saddler certainly felt that something had struck her straight in the heart when she first locked eyes with Dr. Ridge Garroway. But Nicolette had had her fill of good-looking, sweet-talking men and she wasn’ t interested in another one, especially not a sexy cowboy doctor who had secrets of his own. Yet Ridge, unlike anyone she’ d ever met, seemed to warm the coldness that filled her. Could he be a man worth catching once and for all?

239) Special Ops Rendezvous - Karen Anders

As The Adair Legacy continues, a beautiful P.I. and a damaged warrior race to prevent an assassination
He can't remember what they did to him while he'd been held captive. But the blackouts and memory loss Sam Winston suffers since returning home scare the decorated soldier more than combat. Most of all, he fears placing those he cares about in danger…especially Olivia Owens.
Despite the risks, the gorgeous investigator is determined to help Sam remember the terrible secrets locked inside his head. Olivia is convinced he's the key to a terrifying conspiracy. Working closely together, Olivia hopes that Sam makes progress with uncovering the past, and that the walls around his long-guarded heart fall down….

240) Starting with a Kiss - Barbara McMahon

Abigail Trent had never intended to be thirty and still single. So when her colleague Dr. Greg Hastings offered to help her transform from prim-and-proper physician to irresistible temptress, Abigail couldn't refuse. But she never expected that with just one kiss, Greg would make her feel so desirable and special. For the first time in Abigail's life, she was keenly aware of the sensations and longings a man's touch could evoke. Suddenly, she began to hope that what had started out as a Cinderella-esque fantasy could turn into something much more…that maybe Greg was the Prince Charming she'd been waiting for all her life to give her innocence, and her heart

241) Under the Sheriff's Protection - Delores Fossen

Sheriff Rico Geary is having a bad day—two people were found murdered in his town, and the only witness claims to have amnesia. He takes one look at the witness and realizes she's none other than Gina Blake. His estranged wife.
But there's no time to find out what Gina is doing in Maverick Springs. Or why she left him so suddenly and disappeared. Because the killer isn't finished in Maverick Springs, and unless Rico Geary can protect her, Gina will be the murderer's next victim

242) Taming His Viking Woman - Michelle Styles

Legendary shield maiden Sayrid Avildottar will marry no man unless he first defeats her in combat. And in powerful sea king Hrolf Eymundsson she has finally met her match.
Hrolf might have won her lands – and her body – but can Sayrid welcome a stranger to her bed? The world of fighting is all she knows! But with a husband intent on seducing his new bride perhaps, just this once, Sayrid will discover that surrender can bring the greatest pleasure of all

243) Small-Town Fireman - Allie Pleiter

The Catch of a Lifetime
Karla Kennedy doesn’t belong in Gordon Falls. The aspiring restaurateur has far loftier goals than running her grandfather’s quaint coffee shop. The only person who seems to relate is handsome volunteer firefighter Dylan McDonald. Dylan understands dreams—he risked everything to start his fishing charter business. Now, he needs Karla’s help to make it succeed. As they work together, Karla and Dylan quickly discover that while their timing may be bad, their chemistry is undeniable. Karla always thought of Gordon Falls as a layover on her way to a big city career, but could it be where her heart truly belongs?

244) Twice in a Lifetime - Kierney Scott

A second chance at redemption...
A lifetime ago, Sarah and Liam were childhood sweethearts in a dingy Edinburgh block, dreaming of making it in the big wide world. But reality called. Sarah stayed to make a difference in her community, while Liam forged a career in international finance and never looked back.
Ten years on, a friend in crisis brings Sarah and Liam together in Dubai. There’s no trace of the boy she once loved – the man Liam has become is hard, mercenary, infuriating… and arousing. In an opulent desert city far away from everything she knows, can Sarah take the heat?

245) Her Holiday Family - Ruth Logan Herne

When her café goes up in smoke, Tina Martinelli decides to make a big change. She plans to leave Kirkwood Lake and start over—somewhere without the haunting memories of family and failure. But just as she's plotting her new life, her girlhood crush Max Campbell returns to town…and suddenly takes notice of Tina all grown up. Having retired from his military career, Max's ready to start over, too. He's given his heart to her. Now, if only Max can convince Tina to stick around this Christmas—and forever after.

246) Homecoming - Judy Duarte

Sergeant Joe Wilcox has been trying for years to forget his past – and he gets his wish when an accident robs him of his memory. Chloe Dawson, who offers to nurse him back to health, is a light in the dark… but the mysterious, beautiful blonde is strictly off-limits.
The discovery of a letter the wounded marine was carrying – addressed to Chloe – only deepens the mystery of who he is and why he came to Brighton Valley. And, as a familiar desire burns hotter between them, it’s only a matter of time until Joe’s memory returns…

247)The South Beach Search - Sharon Hartley

Not the treasure they expected to find
Trading the past for a simpler life in Miami is part of yoga teacher Taki's path to better karma. But when a devastating theft brings federal prosecutor Reese Beauchamps into her life, things are suddenly a lot more complicated!
She's drawn to gorgeous Reese in ways she can't explain. His analytical mind prevents him from understanding why spiritual intuition guides her…and he reminds her of what she'd rather forget. But chasing a criminal, they can't dodge the sizzle of attraction. Now, unless Taki trusts Reese's determination to protect her, she might run again…and leave love behind.

248) Beach Bar Baby - Heidi Rice
After some bad news, Ella jets off to sunny Bermuda for a bit of solo R&R…
By day six, surrounded by honeymooners and smug-marrieds, she has to admit the solo bit is getting a teeny bit boring! Why say no to a casual date at the bar with ripped, tanned and enigmatic Cooper Delaney?
It’s really not Coop’s style to flirt with tourists, let alone hook up with one again. But he can’t get the sweet London girl out of his head.A business trip to Europe is the perfect chance to see her. Only he finds Ella curvier, prettier…and keeping a secret he was so not expecting…!

249) Breathless on the Beach - Wendy Etherington

He was everything she needed… PR executive Victoria Holmes prefers to play it cool. So when a weekend schmooze with a potential new client finds her face to face with her grating office rival, Victoria is livid. And the topping on her peeved pie? Outdoor adventure company mogul Jared McKenna – who’s irritating, hot, laid-back, and sexy enough to blow Victoria’s composure right out the window… along with her inhibitions!
She’s not his type. And he’s definitely not hers. But when the weekend slips completely out of her control, thanks to a surprise jewel heist, Victoria will have to choose between keeping her cool, or letting the heat – and Jared – take her breath away!

250) Cougar's Conquest - Linda O. Johnston

Gwynn Macka hasn't seen Brett Sorrellson in over a year, not since their relationship had ended so abruptly.
Not since the brilliant, sexy man she fell for learned her secret and she'd been forced to flee. Now Brett is back with an offer to join a covert military unit of shapeshifters, and the spark of their attraction is instantly reignited.
Neither can resist sharing one last night of passion, but as a cougar shifter, Gwynn had been taught only to trust her own kind. Can she truly trust Brett with her secret...and with her heart?


Hired by the Conte di Castelfino, shy gardener Meg is happiest in her new Tuscan greenhouses. But that’s not enough for her boss – a man who’s delighted to have this naïve English rose at his command!

When playboy Blaise Walker hires Maya he’s intrigued by her tantalisingly prim exterior, and offers her a promotion: from secretary to the boss’s mistress! And he expects Maya to agree to his scandalous proposition

My wedding is ruined and my marriage is going to fail. And it’s all your fault!'
LA romcom writer Mia Valentina has it all; money, success, a tanned and toned body, golden blonde hair and a string of sexy lovers. She’s almost forgotten her previous self: plain old Mia Harrison. Until a wedding invitation arrives requesting (demanding!) her presence as chief bridesmaid at her younger sister Belle’s upcoming nuptials.
Mia’s barely been back in England before she’s accidentally injured the groom, unintentionally ‘cursed’ the wedding and been caught in a compromising position with her sister’s soon to be brother-in-law!
With the wedding of the year going dangerously off the rails, Mia has no time to waste – especially with sexy fireman and best man Leo on hand to help… Will she use all of her expert romance knowledge to save the day or will she just walk away? No one ever said a bad girl had to turn good…

254) The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane - Sheila Roberts

When it comes to men, sisters don't share!
After a fake food poisoning incident in L.A., Bailey Sterling's dreams of becoming a caterer to the stars collapse faster than a oufflé. Now Bailey's face is in all the gossip rags and her business is in ruins. But the Sterling women close ranks and bring her back to Icicle Falls, where she'll stay with her sister Cecily.
All goes well between the sisters until Bailey comes up with a new business idea - a tea shop on a charming street called Lavender Lane. She's going into partnership with Todd Black, who - it turns out - is the man Cecily's started dating. It looks to Cecily as if there's more than tea brewing in that cute little shop. And she's not please.
Wait! Isn't Cecily seeing Luke Goodman? He's a widower with an adorable little girl, and yes, Cecily does care about him. But Todd's the one who sends her zing-o-meter off the charts. So now what? Should you have to choose between your sister and the man you love (or think you love)?

Bad Boy…Best Man.

Natalie Campbell – type A personality, dutiful daughter, and manager of the family event planning business – is organizing her brother’s wedding. Which is awkward, since last summer she fell into bed with the best man.

Chase Malone is all wrong for her – commitment-phobic, recently divorced, and living on the other side of the country. He never promised her a future, and he doesn’t want anyone to know about their past. But history does have a way of repeating itself… and with the wedding coming up, their little secret is harder and harder to keep!

256) Becoming the Prince's Wife - Rebecca Winters

A forbidden love…with a prince!
Attorney Carolena Baretti keeps her cards close to her chest. But when a chance encounter with the handsome prince ignites a fiery attraction, Carolena finds that he may just be the one man she can trust….
Crown prince Valentino finds himself increasingly distracted from his duty by commoner Carolena. But Valentino is playing with fire. To be with Carolena he would have to sacrifice everything—including his right to the throne….
Princes of Europe
Torn between love and royal obligation…

257) Trouble in Tourmaline - Jane Toombs

Ex-lawyer David Severin came to Tourmaline to escape his problems. Psychologist Amy Simon came to Tourmaline to solve problems. But working at the counseling center run by David's aunt, she couldn't help but notice that the brooding, private man had issues. And a great body.
The first time Amy saw David she mistook him for the gardener. He was naked from the waist up, and his muscular chest was beaded with sweat from a day of hard labor. But underneath his rough exterior, Amy knew there lay a man filled with raw pain and endearing tenderness. So when his young daughter showed up on his doorstep, Amy couldn't help butting in…and falling in love with them both. And that's when the trouble in Tourmaline began….

258) Gambling with the Crown - Lynn Raye Harris

This sheikh plays to win!
The crown of Kyr holds no appeal for pleasure-seeking Sheikh Kadir al-Hassan – his memories of the kingdom are as dark as a desert’s night. But neither will he shirk his duty… Instead, Kadir returns home with a bride so unsuitable no one will want him to be king!
Long-suffering assistant Emily Bryant is the most important person in Kadir’s high-octane life, and the most invisible – until she’s promoted to royal bride!
Sealing their marriage bargain with a scorching kiss leaves Kadir craving more… Now he must decide what’s really at stake in his royal game – his desert duty, or Emily!

259) Unwed and Unrepentant - Marguerite Kaye

Burned by love, and fearful of being trapped by marriage, headstrong Lady Cordelia Armstrong is furious when her father manipulates her into a betrothal with his business partner and her one-time lover Iain Hunter. Understanding Cordelia’s reluctance, Iain proposes a pretend engagement. For now they will make believe – but there is no need to fake the attraction that still burns hotly between them. As they travel to magical Arabia the lines between fantasy and reality blur. Will either of them really be able to walk away once their deal is done?

260) If I Can't Let Go - Beth Kery

The moment Liam Kavanaugh first glimpsed the exotic beauty dancing across a moonlit beach, he was captivated. Until he realised it was Natalie Reyes - the woman forcing him to confront the dark past they share…
Natalie just wants to move on. She isn’t prepared for the passion that flares between them. And now her very future was in the hands of a man who just might be able to heal her with his touch.…

261) Immersed in Pleasure - Tiffany Reisz

The Manhattan Mermaids: Believed to be the most beautiful women in the city, they entertain wealthy, powerful men in an exclusive club called Fathoms....and are all virgins.
Derek Prince doesn't believe they really exist, until he meets the stunningly sensual Xenia. She drives him wild with desire, but giving in to temptation means losing her position at Fathoms.
Derek is incredibly turned on by the thought of being Xenia's first...but will he be willing to wait for her?

262) A Wicked Seduction - Janelle Denison

Having him just where you want him...
Bounty hunter Joelle Summers is very good at her job. But she's definitely in over her head when she mistakenly picks up sexy businessman Dean Colter. Because unlike her usual prisoners, Dean makes it clear that he's ready to accommodate Joelle's every sensual fantasy. Dean claims he's not guilty—but Joelle quickly realizes he's not so innocent, either....
After years of working himself to death, Dean Colter wants an adventure. But being kidnapped by a gorgeous bounty hunter—one who's into bondage, to boot—isn't exactly what he had in mind. Still, being a willing captive has its advantages. Jo might be the one with the cuffs, but Dean's just discovered the key to unleashing the passionate, uninhibited woman behind the badge.

263) Hot on Her Tail - Saskia Walker

It wasn’t the knee-high black leather boots or the skintight leather hotpants that grabbed his attention, but the padlocked slave collar she was wearing around her neck.
As she stepped out of the stolen vehicle he’d been chasing, Officer Colin O’Neil was thunderstruck by the alluring redhead in the provocative attire. Upon further investigation, it soon became clear that despite appearances, Lara Miller was not some crazy car thief dressed like a bondage slave from a porn movie. She was, in fact, the victim in some underhanded maneuvering by her vindictive ex.
Now it was up to Colin to help her out of this mess. But the electric attraction that blazed between them soon culminated in a night of explosive passion that would change Colin’s life forever.
Here is the tantalizing conclusion to Saskia Walker’s sizzling erotic series, Loving on the Edge, about the hard-working, hard-loving O’Neil brothers.

264) Mistress in a Bind - Susanna Carr

The erotic adventures of career mistress Amaris Martin continue in this deliciously naughty newest chapter in The Mistress Diaries.
Introducing her to bondage at an ultra-exclusive Seattle sex club, Amaris's benefactor Leon blindfolds and binds Amaris in a private bondage dungeon. Amaris is mystified by the change in Leon's lovemaking in the bondage scenario--less assertive and demanding than she's used to. But she's even more mystified when Leon apparently vanishes leaving her tied up, with no explanation.
When she discovers Leon's been knocked out and it was someone else who had his way with her, Amaris sets out to find the culprit, and is prepared to do whatever and whoever she has to in order to get to the bottom of the mystery.

265) 40 TONNES OF TROUBLE - Connie Flynn
Moving on down the highway…
That's all Cat DeAngelo wants to do, but it's getting harder and harder.
That's because someone's trying to ruin DeAngelo Transport. Cat's trucks have suffered a rash of break-ins, and a slimy competitor keeps underbidding her and offering to buy her out.
Worse, Cat's at odds with her sister and brother. They want her to get out from behind the wheel and take over the day-to-day running of the family company—from behind a desk!
Then Cat takes on a six-foot-five certified "hunk" as a temporary codriver and her problems really escalate!
Right along with her heart rate.


When a highway accident destroyed his dreams of defending his championship title, NASCAR driver Bryan "Steel" Garrison had to give up racing.
Now he is president of Garrison Racing, and winning is still everything. He doesn't have time for the physical therapist his concerned family is foisting on him. Darcy Butler is too beautiful, too much a reminder of what he lost--and won't let himself have.
Darcy Butler grew up in the NASCAR world, so she knows the famed Bryan Garrison won't readily admit to needing her help. That's fine with her--as a widow, she isn't ready to get too close to another man. Until she helps Bryan realize that the only way to win it all is to heal his body...and his heart.

267) At the Highwayman's Pleasure - Sarah Mallory

Embittered by injustice, Ross Durden leads a double life: gentleman farmer by day, roguish highwayman by night. He has sworn to right the wrongs of the past, but danger lurks around every corner – not least when he sets eyes on the beautiful daughter of his sworn enemy.
Celebrated actress Charity Weston is no stranger to disguises herself. But when a darkly daring masked man steals a kiss she is drawn into a web of intrigue even she could never have imagined.

268) Highwayman Husband - Helen Dickson

Held at gunpoint by a highwayman, Laura Mawgan is shocked to discover that the charming masked stranger is none other than her husband—believed to have been killed by pirates two years ago, only days after their wedding. Languishing in a French prison, Lucas Mawgan has dreamed of returning home to his young wife—and of taking revenge on Edward Carlyle, the man who separated them. The man who is now his "widow's" betrothed. Will Lucas prove that Carlyle is no gentleman, and get back in his wife's good graces—and back into her heart?

269) Taken by the Highwayman - Amelia Casey

"Stand and deliver! " The highwayman's call made Lady Anabel Mayward's pulse race. . . but not from fear.
Tales of the "knights of the road" had always piqued her curiosity, but Sullivan aroused something new: desire. With an arranged marriage looming, Anabel never expected to have control over who would be the first to bed her. . . until Sullivan took her to his forest hideaway where they could give free rein to their wild passion.

270) His Mask of Retribution - Margaret McPhee

Beautiful Marianne Winslow has had her share of suitors – and her share of scandal. Three engagements, no wedding… And the ton are beginning to talk. Smouldering Rafe Knight has lived the last fifteen years of his life with one goal: avenging the death of his parents. His final target? The Earl of Misbourne. The perfect bartering tool? The Earl’s daughter, Marianne…
Held at gunpoint on Hounslow Heath, Marianne is taken captive by a mysterious masked highwayman. Her father must pay the price – but Marianne finds more than vengeance in the highwayman’s warm amber eyes…
Gentlemen of Disrepute Rebellious rule-breakers, ready to wed!

271) Much Ado About Rogues - Kasey Michaels

Who is the darkly handsome “Black Jack” Blackthorn? With his air of mystery and menace, the whispers about him hint of highwayman or even dark prince. But no one knows how dangerous he can truly be. Now Jack’s mentor has disappeared and Jack must track him down before it’s too late.
His unlikely help: the man’s daughter – the very woman Jack had once wooed and betrayed. Lady Tess Fonteneau knows more about the fine art of clandestine activities – and about the mysterious Mr Blackthorn – than he realises.
As their journey leads them on the adventure of a lifetime, their reunion is fraught with passion, high-stakes danger and the one twist of fate Jack never saw coming…

272) The Virgin's Proposal - Shirley Jump

Successful rebel Matt Webster came to make peace with his past and his family. But he'd never thought that to appear "respectable," he'd become the pretend fiancé of a banana-wearing storeowner! Yet how could he refuse spunky Katie Dole, the woman under the costume, when she kissed him so sweetly— and so thoroughly—in the spaghetti aisle of the supermarket?
Her blue-green gaze implored him to play the role of lover to show up her ex-fiancé. But remembering the kisses they shared were supposed to be pretend became more difficult, when all Matt wanted to do was to make love to the appealing Katie! Was the virgin's proposal turning into something…real?

273) Scandal's Virgin - Louise Allen

Reeling from heartbreak, Lady Laura Campion has transformed herself into the infamous Scandal’s Virgin of high society – flirtatious, alluring and utterly shocking – and yet she has always stopped short of absolute ruin. But now she has new hope. The daughter she thought lost is alive, and under the guardianship of the powerful Avery Falconer, Earl of Wykeham.
Going into battle against Lord Wykeham might be her only option to win little Alice back, but she doesn’t expect the irresistible attraction that simmers between her and the formidable Earl. Laura finally has a chance at happiness – but can she persuade Avery to forgive her past?

274) The Cattleman and the Virgin Heiress - Jackie Merritt

—Hope LeClaire Stockwell on her amnesia
Though Hope LeClaire's memory was in shards, in the arms of her gallant rescuer, Matt McCarlson, she felt entirely whole. Stranded on his ranch, they couldn't summon her past, so they focused on the present…and the sensual awareness sizzling between them. Then a torrent of memories came flooding in…and the "forever" she dreamed of was washed away. For Hope was a Stockwell, an heiress of untold wealth, and Matt was the sworn enemy of all aristocratic women. But Hope would not be denied her one chance at happiness…at becoming this proud rancher's wife….

275) The Oldest Virgin In Oakdale - Wendy Warren

Sweet, shy Eleanor Lippert had had it! She now held the dubious title of oldest unmarried woman in Oakdale—and virgin, to boot. It was high time she shed her scholarly shell and unleashed the temptress within. Problem was, she didn't know the first thing about men, let alone seducing one….

Heartbreaker Cole Sullivan had been away for twelve years, and boy, had things changed! The innocent girl who once had tutored him in math now was a woman in need of his help…to snare a man! He'd always admired Eleanor, but her stunning transformation was too much for any man to resist—even a sworn bachelor like him

276) It Started with No Strings... - Kate Hardy

"Blame it on the champagne!"
At a London salsa club, consultant Aaron Hughes catches sight of the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Relationships are off the cards for Aaron, but one night with this perfect stranger can't hurt…
For registrar Joni Parker, dancing and champagne are a remedy to what-would-have-been-her-wedding-night blues. Until she discovers an even better cure—her first-ever fling! It started with no strings, but when Aaron walks into the hospital on Monday—as the new consultant!—things get a lot more complicated…

277) Cavanaugh Strong - Marie Ferrarella

Aurora’s finest are back in action!

Why are too many healthy pensioners dying in nursing homes? Vice detective Noelle O’Banyon can’t let the mystery go. Though she has no business working on a homicide case, the love-shy single mum draws partner Duncan Cavanaugh into her rogue investigation. He’s a notorious player she thoroughly disdains – and the feeling’s mutual. Duncan considers Noelle too strait-laced for his taste. But as they uncover the shocking scandal behind the mysterious deaths, the pair become closer and passionately in sync.

With time running out, Noelle and Duncan must stop the next murder in Aurora or die trying.

278) Only the Brave Try Ballet - Stefanie London

Step up, Grant Farley…
not your typical ballet student!

Australian football pro Grant Farley is nursing an injury and needs to get back into shape – fast. Ballet wouldn’t be his first or even his last choice, but needs must. Enter tantalisingly prim teacher Jasmine Bell – one disapproving arch of her eyebrow and Grant knows he’ll enjoy getting her tutu in a flutter…!

But it’s not only Grant’s flexibility that Jasmine’s pushing to the limit! He knows she feels the heat between them, so why won’t she give in to it? Time to convince Jasmine that if she’s brave enough to dance en pointe she can certainly handle a fling with him!

279) Another Side of Midnight - Mia Zachary

Two months, two weeks and four days ago, Steele woke up alone in a hotel room. All Stone left was a note--and a lot of questions. He's back, and she wants answers--but he wants more.
Smart-mouthed Vegas private eye Estella 'Steele' Mezzanotte is used to all kinds of trouble. She's nursing another black eye from her bartending sideline, her mom's dropping hints about nice Italian boys and Midnight Investigation Services is struggling. Otherwise, Steele would never have accepted her current gig--suspected adultery, maybe embezzlement. Possibly murder. Her ex, Cameron Stone, wants to partner. Steele wants to punish him for past misdemeanors.
But she's got to trust him or risk facing another side of danger alone...

280) Whirlwind Groom - Debra Cowan

But her thirst for justice could make her one. The outlaw who'd murdered her parents and fiancé had gotten off scot-free. And now the only thing standing between her and vengeance fulfilled was Sheriff Davis Lee Holt, who held her quarry prisoner…and completely captured her heart!
A woman with secrets needed watching, and lawman Davis Lee Holt intended to watch Josie Webster like a hawk. Why would a seamstress need shooting lessons? Or be curious about the jail? But after nursing her for a near-deadly snakebite, he faced a much more compelling problem: he loved a woman he couldn't trust!

281) His Private Nurse - Arlene James

Royce Lawler was dark and mysterious, movie-star handsome and dangerously seductive even when flat on his back. And prim and professional Merrily Gage was supposed to live alone with this man, tending to his every need as his private nurse? She didn't stand a chance.
But then, neither did the single dad. Because Merrily was too good at what she did, too easy to like, to want…to need. Yet no matter how strong his desire, Royce couldn't bring the innocent beauty any further into the nightmare of his life—especially since his fall was no accident. Especially since Royce would do anything to keep sweet, sweet Merrily safe


Adrenalin junkie aristocrat George Somers is used to relationships as short and as sweet as the thrills he seeks. But, when an accident puts him in the care of physiotherapist and single mum Serena James, being bed-bound suddenly seems more than appealing! George may be a risk-taker…but letting Serena and her little boy into his heart will be his biggest challenge yet… Challenging the Nurse’s Rules Women fall head-over-heels for a glimpse of playboy extraordinaire Grant Bradley’s charming smile, but all this commitment-phobe doctor can see is confetti fluttering in their starry eyes! Nurse Joni Thompson, with her ‘just for fun’ rule, is a breath of fresh air. But with chemistry this hot surely the best part of making rules…is breaking them?


Nay, Mistress Alicia Broom was a long-stemmed beauty with a dangerous secret of royal proportions. But for a chance to claim her as his promised bride, Thomas Cavendish would fight the hounds of hell... !
Though plots and plans and barking dogs seemed to pursue the Earl of Thornbury wherever he went, Alicia knew she'd found a champion. Mayhap Thomas Cavendish was not what people expected, but the gentle knight had become her heart's desire.

284) Kissed by a Cowboy - Pamela Britton

Deep down, Jillian has always known she couldn't be a wife and mother. After the pain she's experienced in past relationships, she can't risk the heartbreak. But she has her animals and her special gift, which has brought her to Via Del Caballo, California. The tiniest sign tells her everything an animal is feeling. To observers, it's uncanny.
To Wes Landon, the stories of the gorgeous "horse whisperer" are so much mumbo jumbo. Then he sees Jillian in action, charming horses, dogs…even him. When his brand-new baby daughter is left in his care, Wes has hopes that Jillian would want to be part of his family. But the closer he tries to get to her, the more she pulls away. Can he convince her to take a leap of faith?

285) One Good Cowboy - Joanne Rock

From Ex to Eternity?
To inherit his family's empire, Texas cowboy-turned-CEO Stone McNair must prove he has a heart beneath his ruthlessly suave exterior. His trial? Finding homes for his grandmother's rescue dogs. His judge? Johanna Fletcher, the woman whose heart he broke.
Sure, Johanna can handle a week traveling the country with her ex-fiancé to fulfilll his dying grandmother's request. She and Stone want different things—plain and simple. But there's nothing plain about Stone, or simple about the heat that still flares between them. One week may not be long enough….

286) Alpha Warrior - Aimée Thurlo

Nick Blacksheep was an outsider to all: the police force, his community and the women he kept at arm's length. Experienced in modern warfare, the tall Navajo's imposing spirit recalled the intensity of his ancestors. His heart incapable of wounding, Nick was the fiercest protector beautiful Drew Simmons could have ever imagined--or desired.

With contract killers on her tail, the small-town librarian needed a cop who was true to his word. Though Blacksheep promised to safeguard Drew, he couldn't have expected her compassion to thaw the ice in his veins. Now his greatest duty isn't to himself, but the woman he welcomed into his home

287) The Redemption of Darius Sterne - Carole Mortimer
So innocent. So tempting...
Having built a global empire synonymous with excellence, formidable tycoon Darius Sterne is a man who gets what he wants. Always. And right now he wants ex-ballerina Miranda Jacobs... in his bed and sighing his name in pleasure.
Virginal Miranda can’t resist the allure of the brooding billionaire. But the closer he pulls her, the more Darius threatens the barriers she’s carefully constructed to conceal the scars of her past. And Miranda isn’t the only one with pain to hide...
Can her pure love dance into his heart and redeem the dark and damaged Darius Sterne?

288) Some Like It Hot - Susan Andersen

‘Wrong for each other’ never felt more right…
Even a lifelong traveller like Harper Summerville has to admire
the scenery in Razor Bay, Washington. There are the mountains. The evergreens. The water. And Max Bradshaw, the incredibly sexy deputy sheriff. Still, Harper’s here only for the summer, working covertly for her family’s foundation. And getting involved with this rugged, intense former marine would be a definite conflict of interest—professionally and personally.
Max’s scarred childhood left him determined to put down roots
in Razor Bay, yet one look at Harper—a woman who happily lives out of a suitcase—leaves him speechless with desire for things he’s never had. He might not be big on talking, but Max’s toe-curling kisses are getting the message across loud and clear. Harper belongs here, with him, because things are only beginning to heat up…

289) A Dance with Indecency - Linda Skye

New York City, 1920s
Bootleggers are breathing down hotelier Harry McMahon’s neck. So when a beautiful, young, and very wealthy widow from Paris turns up at the Cotton Club, Henry sees it as the perfect opportunity to combine business and pleasure. First he will take her body, then her heart, and finally, her money...
Elise Rousseau may not be the mousey innocent she once was, but she can’t believe Harry doesn’t recognize her—and she intends to punish him in the most wicked way. She will make him want her body, make him give her his heart. And then she will break it, just as he broke hers four years ago...

290) The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal - ADITE BANERJIE

Dancing with the enemy
Krish Dev needs to find a bride and quick! With a marriage arranged by his father looming, Krish finds the key to his freedom in Maya Shome, but is this dazzling beauty really all she seems...?
Maya has only one thing in mind: revenge. But when the host of the most exclusive high society party asks her to dance what is meant to be an innocent tango, leads to an engagement with Krish—her enemy’s son!
Arranging their own marriage could work to their advantage…if they can resist mixing business with pleasure!

291) Innocent in the Italian’s Possession - Janette Kenny /

When Stefano takes over his family’s shipyard, secretary Gemma knows he suspects she was his father’s lover. Gemma is innocent, but the truth must be kept secret – as it would destroy Stefano’s family. Yet one secret Gemma and Stefano cannot hide is their sizzling attraction!

292) Italian Tycoon, Secret Son - Lucy Gordon /

Stranded after an avalanche, Mandy and Renzo awaited rescue and found comfort in each other’s arms. A year on, Mandy goes to him – for he has her heart and she has his son! But Renzo has lost his memory. Will he claim his English bride and son?

293) Journey to Seduction - Sharon Kendrick

All the right moves
Ever since their families were joined by marriage, Sydney Chase has been driving attorney Bryce Monroe crazy. Whether she's in biker gear or stilettos, no other woman can compare. No one else combines tough and tender in such a sexy, irresistible package. Though Syd has him pegged as a spoiled brat, a spur-of-the-moment Vegas road trip is Bryce's one chance to prove otherwise.
As a criminal profiler, Syd's job is to figure people out. Somehow, beyond Bryce's privileged background is a depth she never expected. Their cross-country trek to a motorcycle fest is turning into the hottest ride of her life—one she knows has to eventually end. Yet what happens in Vegas is impossible to forget, and Bryce isn't letting go until he's crashed through every single one of her defenses…

294) Unnoticed and Untouched - Lynn Raye Harris

Putting the personal in PA!
The unwanted advances of gold-digging socialites are an occupational hazard for racing legend turned tycoon Lorenzo D’Angeli. So he extends his PA’s job description to cover evening events. Faith Black has risen to her boss’s every challenge…
But being seen on his arm means spotlights, scrutiny, figure-flaunting cocktail dresses – and leaving the safety of her staid grey suits! Famous for his cool, Renzo’s anything but when he sees his formerly frumpy PA dressed to kill! Faith knows this playboy well – she’ll arm her heart with the same steel used on the D’Angeli motorbike!

295) Lord Havelock's List - Annie Burrows

Be careful what you wish for...
Lord Havelock is in need of a wife. But with no time for a society wedding and no stomach for girlish fripperies his options are limited. So, with help from his friends, he draws up a list of qualities he does desire in a wife…
When orphaned Mary Carpenter discovers her handsome new husband’s list she’s hurt – and incensed. If he thinks she’ll sit meekly by, be ‘compliant’ and ‘a mouse’, he’s got another think coming! Is it perhaps time for Mary to make a list of her own, and change the rules of their relationship for ever… ?

296) Yours to Seduce - Karen Anders

A woman who dares...
When firefighter Lana Dempsey finally tackles fellow firefighter Sean O'Neill in the...showers, it's a five-alarm blaze. She and Sean stripped of their uniforms--it's what Lana's always wanted. Having had a crush on Sean since forever, she's never been brave enough to do anything about it. Until the bet she makes with her girlfriends gives her the courage to finally squelch that burning desire for Sean!
And the man who won't say no...
Sean O'Neill is the man behind the woman. Always attracted to Lana but never wanting to jeopardize their special friendship, he's never crossed the line...until now. An emotional twist knocks down their defenses and a steamy trip to the shower room sets them on the sexiest journey of their lives--the flames of which they're not sure they'll ever escape. Or want to.

297) Intent to Seduce - Cara Summers

Dr. MacKenzie Lloyd is bulletproofing herself for marriage. Determined that no husband of hers will ever leave, she's learned everything there is to know about the art of pleasing a man. But now that it's time to put her knowledge into practice, she's stuck. Until she finds herself alone with seriously sexy Lucas Wainwright and decides to see if practice can make perfect....
CEO Lucas Wainwright thought he could handle just about anything...until he's propositioned by a very determined—and incredibly sexy—Mac. The gorgeous redhead is as knowledgeable as a madam, as irresistible as an innocent. Lucas had no idea how incredible sex could be, until Mac becomes his every fantasy in the flesh. But once Mac has proved all her theories, will she start looking for another test subject?

298) Seduce and Rescue - Jillian Burns

Lieutenant Colonel Ethan Grady is having his very first massage with a rather eccentric, but smokin’-hot redhead, Lily Langford.
But her touch isn’t so much calming as it is very distracting. When he accidentally sets Lily’s business and home ablaze, Ethan can’t tell if the smouldering is from the fire...or their attraction to each other!
But now Ethan’s condo is invaded by the free-spirited Lily, who’s convinced that he’s the one who really needs to be rescued.
And Lily’s methods? Well, they’re not so traditional. Still, Ethan can’t remember having his chakras aligned so…er, intensely. But will this be rescue — or retreat?


Her personal bodyguard
Allie had teased him, insulted him, but still she seemed to be stuck with Drake Marsden as her official chaperon! He'd been appointed to look after her during a crucial assignment in Russia, and he refused to leave her side - day or night... . Just because Allie was pretty and petite didn't mean she needed Drake's protection!
And she simply refused to be seduced by him. At least, that was the idea. Until her twenty-four-hour bodyguard decided the safest place for her was in his bed!

300) Virgin Slave, Barbarian King - Louise Allen

Julia Livia Rufa is horrified when barbarians invade Rome and steal everything in sight.
But she doesn't expect to be among the taken! As Wulfric's woman, she's ordered to keep house for the uncivilized marauders. Soon, though, Julia realizes that she's more free as a slave than she ever was as a sheltered Roman virgin.
It would be all too easy to succumb to Wulfric's quiet strength, and Julia wants him more than she's ever wanted anything. But Wulfric could one day be king, and Julia is a Roman slave. What future can there be for two people from such different worlds?

301) The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave - Michelle Willingham

Aisling Ó Brannon should hate the Vikings who raided her village. . . especially after she’s captured as a gift for King Magnus by warrior Tharand Hardrata. But while her head says one thing, her body says quite another. Her attraction to the fierce and forbidding warrior cannot be ignored. . . even though she’s intended for another man’s bed.
Tharand has vowed not to conquer Aisling, saving her for the king instead. But the beautiful Irish noblewoman awakes a powerful desire in him. He can’t stop himself from arousing her, bringing her to the peak of pleasure while trying to honor his promise.
As they near Magnus’s domain, Tharand’s restraint is tested beyond endurance. Soon he must choose: please his king. . . or keep his captive love-slave for himself.

303) Burning Dawn - Gena Showalter

An Angel Renowed For Ruthlessness and the Woman Who Became His Obsession
A tormented past has left Thane with an insatiable need for violence, making him the most dangerous assassin in the skies. He lives by a single code: no mercy. And as he unleashes his fury on his most recent captor, he learns no battle could have prepared him for the slave he rescues from his enemy’s clutches—a beauty who stokes the fires of his darkest desires.
Elin Vale has her own deep-rooted scars, and her attraction to the exquisite warrior who freed her challenges her every boundary. But Thane’s unwavering determination to protect her means she must face her greatest fears—and enter a world in which passion is power, and victory means breathtaking surrender.

304) Forgotten Honeymoon - Marie Ferrarella

He'd finally gotten his revenge. Tough loner Max Cooper had been given the perfect opportunity to put his high-and-mighty partner, Kristina Fortune, in her place. The pampered princess had lost her memory and was depending on Max to fill in the gaps. While Max's head told him to make Kristina his personal slave, his heart had him questioning his motives. Was the brooding bachelor punishing Kristina for his overwhelming attraction...or denying himself a honeymoon to remember?

305) Never Trust a Rebel - Sarah Mallory

Flirting with danger!
Ten years ago Drew Castlemain fled England, disowned by his family and branded a traitor. So returning to escort his new ward Elyse Salforde to her fiancé is not only frustrating, it’s downright dangerous!
Drew is honour-bound to protect Elyse, but when he discovers she is beautiful, intelligent and far too spirited for her own good, that’s easier said than done! Drew is in no position to offer her anything, but when every touch is forbidden – and yet oh, so delicious – he won’t be able to fight temptation for long…

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Date: 2013-02-14 02:13 am (UTC)
lamardeuse: (Guadalcanal Diary)
From: [personal profile] lamardeuse
Okay, silly question: does it have to be a book actually published by either M&B or Harlequin, or can it be published by another mass market romance publishing house, like Avon?

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Date: 2013-02-14 01:31 pm (UTC)
lamardeuse: (Lewis/Hathaway)
From: [personal profile] lamardeuse
Cool, thanks! I found a great plot summary from an old Avon book and wanted to give it a go - it's still in the same Harlequin-type mould, so I thought it was still in the spirit of the challenge. :) Though I also found a M&B summary that will fit for a different fandom. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. :)

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Date: 2013-03-23 01:57 am (UTC)
jujukittychick: john barrowman in drag to the song "i feel pretty" (Default)
From: [personal profile] jujukittychick
this is such an awesome idea! i love it. can't help but giggle over the recurring "mistress" theme too lol


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